Royalty Watching

I am not a diehard monarchist, nor an anti-monarchist for that matter. I don’t scour magazines and the internet for news on the British Royals. I will read an article on them if it seems interesting, but I tend to judge the content with an open mind.

This week, there seems to be a number of articles popping up about Harry and Meghan returning to Britain to attend a few functions. The articles I have seen have focussed on the apparent fact that they are not bringing Archie with them. To believe what I have read, the royal family is crushed that they will not have the opportunity to spend time with the little tot. In rather a subtle way, journalists are using this as yet another opportunity to point out how selfish and disrespectful Harry and Meghan are.

Personally, I am pretty sure the royal family understands. It is not too surprising, in the midst of this coronavirus situation, that young parents would be leary about exposing an infant to days on end spent in crowded airports and confined to airplanes with travellers from around the world – for very limited opportunity to spend time with extended family.

If Harry and Meghan were taking Archie to Britain, the news would be full of nonsense about their reckless parenting ways. People would be up in arms about them taking unnecessary risks with their son’s health and well being.

I understand that people have an interest in the royal family. I certainly don’t mind reading about the events that they attend, the charity work they do, even the highlights of their family life. Personally, I do not feel that they need to be judged for every bloody thing they say, do or wear.

The Queen and her family, for the most part, seem to be fairly intelligent, rational, caring, considerate people. I trust them to make their own decisions on day to day matters without this constant chatter from the peanut gallery. In my opinion, it is time for people to back off already. 🤷


6 thoughts on “Royalty Watching

  1. The monarchy is for me a total evil, its very existence is damaging to my country, I do not follow the lives of what for me are the minor celebrities that comprise the royal family. Whilst I have no opinion on the individuals I dislike intensely the institution.

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  2. I don’t know that they actually hold real power over Canada so I don’t see the good or bad of the monarchy that way. Not saying it isn’t there in other countries.


  3. I just hope the Queen and her crew will remember they are family. That matters more than hoity toity titles. It would be nice to let them keep their titles-helpful to their business. I applaud them for wanting their own life. Harry is 6th(read never)in line to throne. Good for him for not twiddling his thumbs like his dad.

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  4. We are pretty heavy into tradition and for the landmass we have, we don’t have much population or power. If we became a republic, Trump would probably try to invade us and make us Americans. We are more the British type. Although, personally I am French.


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