The Ten Commandments

Moses – Assiniboine Park Winnipeg, MB

This morning, I happened upon a blog that listed a number of thought provoking question. One of the questions was “Do you follow the ten commandments?”

The ten commandments are pretty basic to decent human behaviour – so yes, I generally follow the ten commandments. (Nobody is perfect). I kept thinking about this. I know why I follow the commandments. They make sense. They are the foundation of a constructive life. If I did not follow the commandments, my life would be in chaos. I would be filled with guilt, in trouble with the courts, lose my job, I would drive away friends and family – there would be constant negative consequences.

I was taught the ten commandments by the time I was three years old. Even then, I am pretty sure I could understand the consequences of murder, lying and stealing or the benefit of honoring one’s parents or setting aside one day a week to honor life and creation.

What I can’t understand, is why the powers that be felt it necessary to teach me that if I broke the commandments, God would smite me down and I would spend eternity burning in hell. Seems kind of overkill for anything a tot might be capable of.


7 thoughts on “The Ten Commandments

  1. From what I have seen in my life, the only real hell is the one we create in our own lives/existence. My vision of God now isn’t so much a single entity, but the lifeforce that permeates the universe so anything ‘God’ does is more a consequence of all that humanity is doing. (if that makes any sense). And of course that is just my opinion on the matter.

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