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I do not try a lot of Facebook hacks. Some of them are questionable, some of them are useless, and some of them just require more effort than I am willing to invest.

There are some hacks that sound like the perfect answer to one of life’s problems. Those, I try.

A few weeks ago, our bathroom sink was not draining particularly well. I remembered seeing a post on Facebook about pouring baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar.  It worked like magic.  Our bathroom sink drained like a darn!

Today, our kitchen sink was draining rather sluggishly.  I dumped in the the baking soda, poured in the vinegar, and it plugged solid.  No idea if I used too much baking soda, not enough vinegar, or if the two reacted with grease in the pipes – but it plugged solid.  

I did what any intelligent woman would do if her husband was in the next room. I snuck to the bathroom, grabbed the toilet plunger, filled the kitchen sink with super hot water and plunged the heck out of it. That worked. The sink drained. I scrubbed it down with bleach cleanser and it is good as new.

I can’t say as much for the toilet plunger. In my enthusiasm , I tore a big hole in the rubber plungy part. I rinsed it off and snuck it back into the bathroom. Now I have to wait until Dan goes to use it, knowing I am going to have to convince him that he must have wrecked it the last time he used it – because I would never plunge a toilet.

Stupid Facebook hacks.


12 thoughts on “Facebook Hacks

  1. Will do! I generally use Palmolive. Our water is so hard that it is difficult to find a brand that works well in it but Palmolive is one that seems to be ok.


  2. When nothing works to unclog a drain I blow air by means of an air compressor. That usually removes all obstructions…I have heard about baking soda and vinegar too but never tried it

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  3. I will have to tell Dan about trying the compressor next time. I don’t usually use power tools. Not even electric kitchen appliances since the time I almost took out a neighbour with our electric knife. Btw – do not try to cut a frozen ice cream cake with an electric knife.

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  4. A few years back, I saw a facebook hack about de-icing your windshield during the winter. I can’t remember what all the ingredients were to make the de-icing concoction, but vinegar was one of them.
    On the morning after the night we had a big freeze, I mixed the concoction and tried it on my car before going to work. Nothing! LOL
    Where do people get this stuff?

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