Trippin’ Out

The boss had to head out of town so I had the dubious pleasure of another site walk thru. Took a company truck just to add to the challenge. I don’t mind driving it but have to admit I am less than graceful trying to get in and out. It’s not even a 4×4 so I don’t know why it it such a stretch to get into it.

Got a goodly amount of exercise and fresh air walking around our football stadium. ‘Go Riders!’.

Made it through the walk, made a few contacts, handed out some info on our product for this project.  Other than being attacked by a clingy entrance mat on the way in, it was all good.

Stopped for coffee and donuts on my way back to the office.   Another mission successfully completed.


7 thoughts on “Fieldtrip

  1. We have one tentative case in Saskatchewan – 3 hours from here. We do not have any restrictions yet. A few cancellations of major events. I have heard Italy has been much harder hit. Take care!

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  2. I would be more concerned about my kids and their families. We have supplied to carry us through for months with just Dan and I. My daughter has four kids at home so stocks would run low for them.

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