Hitting Home

There are two presumptive cases of coronavirus in Saskatchewan, Canada. At this point, it would be logical to follow expert advice – avoid crowds, avoid travel, wash your hand often, stay home if you are sick, plus anything else that will slow down the transmission of this virus to help manage the strain on our health system.

What is not logical is the mass hoarding and panic that has erupted in Saskatchewan. Our stores are suddenly slammed with shoppers, pushing cart loads of everything from toilet paper to baby formula to canned goods. Shelves are empty, and I am sure it is virtually impossible for store personnel to restock during the day, with the crowds being as rediculous as they are.

I am not overly worried about contracting coronavirus or how I will be affected by it, if I do contract it. I will cross that bridge if I come to it.

What I am worried about are these fools who are cramming stores and panic buying, and hoarding product that others may actually NEED. This behaviour triggers more panic and it has already gotten way out of hand. Not only are these people putting a major strain on the supply chain, but they are creating disasters waiting to happen and putting a major strain on all who staff our stores.

Two of those store staff people are my daughter and granddaughter. They are concientious and diligent. They are working extra long, extra busy shifts, pushing themselves to cash out as many customers as possible. I know, they are being run down and exposed to coronavirus plus every other seasonal cold or flu that is out there right now. I am worried about them, I am worried about what they will bring home to the rest of their family. I feel for them and for anyone working in our stores right now. It is totally unnecessary risk that they are being exposed to. They are not machines, they are people – my people.


I don’t know what has triggered this panic/hoarding nonsense or what kind of people indulge in it. It is senseless, it is greed, it is pure stupidity. Someone is going to get hurt or worse. I hope it won’t be my girls.


17 thoughts on “Hitting Home

  1. I agree for 100%. I hope the craze goes down fast. I would suppose everyone has everything by now. Where do they stock all of this stuff anyway? People are advised to avoid crowed places and there they go, all into the same supermarket at the same time.
    I hope your girls are going to be safe!

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  2. We don’t have that kind of hoarding here in Italy because the government has assured that grocery stores will stay open despite the lockdown. All essential businesses will remain open and here we’ve got way more cases of contagion and a lot more crowded cities and towns than Saskatchewan so it really doesn’t make any sense that in a quite and laid back place in Canada people panic like that. Here that kind of panic lasted about two days and then people started taking it easy…..at least for now….

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  3. The worst are trying to cause shortages so they can profit from them. Most are just so selfish and greedy that they would rather make sure they will have essentials three months from now than make sure their neighbours have access to essentials tomorrow. The major stores have been so crowded for the past week, I don’t even go in them. Are you still in isolation over there?

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  4. It is not just me. We were all reading the reports from Italy at work at lunchtime. It is inconceivable to us. We are all so sorry for you and what you are all going through.


  5. My wife and I will have plenty of time for conversation as there is nowhere to go for a date. Restaurants, discos, hotels etc: everything is closed and there is no possibility to travel anywhere and there might be further restrictions (a growing number of sources are saying that we might be forced to go to military checkpoints to get food should the contagion continue to spike). What a strange feeling…


  6. Yes I can see that being an issue here as well if there is extended quarantines. I am not worried about Dan and I but there a couple’s that are shaky going in no doubt.


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