Out and About

Dan and I worked in the yard on Saturday. (Dan did most of the work but I am pretty sure that as his spouse I am entitled to half the credit.) Anyway, we decided to take a drive yesterday as a reward for all of ‘our’ effort.

Regina Pocket Park. The twisted green metal with the red stripe is a memorial to the Regina tornado of 1912. Fyi the ‘park’ does not look appreciably better in the summer.
Multi-million dollar bus terminal that our government built right before they closed down STC – our provincial bus line. The building is supposed to be turned into a new city police station at some point.
Saskatchewan legislative building
Side view of the Saskatchewan legislative building
At this point, Dan headed out of the city.
We drove past a church in the middle of nowhere.
This is almost the middle of nowhere.
Here it is! On a gravel road no less. 🙄
Driving past the RCMP barracks as we headed back into the city.

We made it home to have a slice of the most amazing salted caramel cake. Dan went shopping on Saturday morning and he drove ten blocks out of his way to go to the Co-op to get it for me. It was so worth it!


4 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. That’s definitely what I would call a place in the middle of nowhere. Lockdown restrictions have been lifted here and the chaos is back. I must move to some place in the Far North to find my peace

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