Downtown Regina

Dan and I took another little drive this afternoon. We picked up a few bedding plants from my favourite nursery, then we took a short drive. We came across a lot of road construction and street cleaning. I took a few photos to share.

Regina City Hall
Knox United Church. We went to a lot of Christmas Carol evenings there when my kids and then our grandkids were in their school choirs.
Main Branch Library elephant front view.
Same elephant side view.
And another view. It is a cool elephant but it is hard to find because it hides rediculously well in those scrawny trees.

Buffalo Bones Sculpture – I know, they are big shiny pieces of metal. Regina was originally named ‘Pile of Bones’ because it was founded beside a huge pile of buffalo bones. Now we have this wierd sculpture because there is not a real buffalo bone left to be found.
On our way to the ‘Regina International Airport’
I finished my outting by taking Kat for a walk when we got home. We were attacked by two dogs. They came out of nowhere and were all over Kat. I think they were just licking her because her fur was wet but not bloody. A bit wierd but no real harm done. The owners came right away and dragged the dogs off. They were very apologetic. I brought Kat home and gave her a Beggin’ Strip to make her feel better.


18 thoughts on “Downtown Regina

  1. Two dogs also came out of no where and tried to attack my lab Molly. Ever since she didn’t trust strange dogs and would try to attack them first. People she was ok with.

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  2. Out neighbourhood has so many huge dangerous looking dogs that I am always watching for one of them to get loose. The one that was all over Kat, came out of no where and was all over her before I could stop it. The owners were mortified. Kat seemed ok by last night but will see when I walk her today.


  3. Thank you, Dwight. She seems fine but will find out when I walk her today. It’s amazing what you notice on a drive in your own area. Are you out and about on your motorcycle or too early yet?

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  4. Had another lab mix-Big Foot. Friendliest dog ever. Since he was a pup took him to park to play with other dogs. The females were excellent teachers. When we movedI was walking him down the street when 2 dalmations confronted us. Big Foot rears up and put his paws around the dog’s neck. The other dog was so bewildered he ran off

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  5. I do not either but these two dogs just bolted out of their house when a door was opened for a visitor. Unfortunately, Kat and I were passing the house at that moment.


  6. I don’t have a dog at the moment. But I remember walking my Mom’s small dog and strange dogs coming at him. It was scary. I picked him up in my arms when I seen the other dog coming. It may have been a stupid thing to do but my protective nature kicked in. I am glad no harm came to Kat.

    By the way I presently live in Fort Mac in Alberta. It’s nice to read another Canadian.

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  7. I did not see or hear these dogs coming. Kat yiped and the one dog was on top of her.
    It is good to meet you on here also, Carol. Fort Mac has sure taken a beating in the past few years with fires and floods and oil prices. I hope you are doing ok there. I have a son who lives it Lloydminster. He goes up to Fort Mac once in a while to set up projects.

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  8. I work at the library and I am a bit nervous of the cuts that are sure to come after all is said and done. Yes, the fires were terrifying. thankfully, we do not live in the areas that were badly damaged in the recent flood. I feel for the people who lost homes once again. It’s got to be so hard. Oil prices are having an adverse impact, especially on people who own homes. Prices are dropping and they cannot afford to see, yet, cannot afford to stay either. It’s awful.

    Thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Nice to meet ya!!!

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