Essential Shopping

Dan started the day by running to Superstore for a few essential groceries to get us through his next round of shifts.

On the way home he stopped at the Co-op home centre and picked up a new yard elephant. I think Kat likes it. 😍
Then we went to Canadian Tire for a few more bedding plants. Dan found facemasks from the reno we did a couple of years ago so I wore one. I don’t know how much they help keep one healthy, but they do keep people out of my face so I felt better for having one on!
On our way home, Dan ran in to our temporary pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions for the month.

Finally we ran into the Dollar Store. I am not sure what their social distancing plan is. They have arrows pointing down the aisles one direction and footprints pointing down the (same) aisles in the opposite direction. People were stumbling all over the place. I was glad I had my facemask on. 😊

I picked up the cutest little Buddha statue.
And I filled my candy jars πŸ™„

Now it is time to get outside and get some work done. It isn’t terribly warm but at least it is nicer than it has been this week. 🌞


2 thoughts on “Essential Shopping

  1. You have beautiful spaces to ride and explore. I am enjoying my yard and my solitude (when my husband is on shift). I am not up to much physical activity these days. I have struggled with lung issues since February so I find it hard to do much of anything most days.


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