Opening Up Saskatchewan

Our provincial government has decided that it is time to re-open Saskatchewan. I agree that it is time. People need to return to their lives and we should be ready. Businesses have been made aware of what they must do to keep their customers and staff at minimum risk. Medical facilities have had time to prepare for Covid and non-Covid patients. Schools will remain closed for now as will churches, sports venues, and the like. Our government should be ready to take swift action if there are signs of a serious outbreak. People in general have been educated as to the risks of Covid 19 and the precautions needed to avoid contracting or spreading it. Saskatchewan is ready. It is time.

I have ventured out very little in the past two months. For the most part, I have gone only where I absolutely had to – our bank, our pharmacy, and to a lab for blood tests. I also went to one outdoor greenhouse and one very quiet dollar store. Dan has been doing all of our other shopping and errands on his days off.

Yesterday I decided that it was time. I put on a mask and headed off to Walmart with Dan to pick up a number of items that I prefer to buy for myself – shampoo, conditioner, and the like.

Not actually me…

Dan dropped me off at the lineup to the Walmart entrance. There were maybe fifteen people in line. The line was orderly and moving at a steady pace. One person would be allowed to enter the store and the rest of us would move up a spot. The spots were clearly identified. I was signalled to enter the vestibule, where there were three more steps to move up. Then I was signalled to enter the store.

Once in the store, it was a GONG show. People were coming in, people were going out, people were crossing sideways to grab a cart or return a cart. I had no idea where I was supposed to go. A staff member caught my eye and motioned me over to get a freshly sanitized cart. I thanked him, grabbed a cart, and moved off towards the pharmacy area.

There were no arrows to indicate which direction I should be travelling. There were only a couple of other people in the immediate vicinity so I was easily able to keep my distance. I was relaxing, while still being vigilant. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a large man moving up beside me. I edged away from him just as he put his BIG hand on the handle of my cart.

This was not the first time Dan has stepped up beside me to take over pushing a cart but he startled me none the less. Fortunately, my mask muffled my shriek and we moved on.

Dan’s hand vs my hand. He has BIG hands.

I led the way around the store, while Dan pushed the cart. It was all good until we reached the grocery department. Suddenly there were arrows on the floor and I was going the wrong direction – as were half of the customers. Dan was in the next aisle, going the right direction. I caught up with him and we quickly got what we needed. We paid the cashier, who was on the other side of a plastic barrier. I was distracted when I noticed she was sanitizing the debit machine after I used it. 👍

By the time I turned back, Dan was gone. He was halfway out the door. As I was trying to get past the service counter, there was a staff member – right there – announcing Walmart’s Covid 19 protocols. In the ten square feet in front of her counter, there were a dozen people all going different directions. I was one of them. 🙄

It may be time and Saskatchewan may be ready. Personally, I do not feel that I am quite there yet – at least not for Walmart.


9 thoughts on “Opening Up Saskatchewan

  1. Here in the San Francisco area protocols differ from store to store. Home Depot only allows a certain number of people in the store at one time. There is only one entrance and a separate exit and when a person leaves the store another is allowed in. At other stores there is no determined number of patrons at any given time.
    Fortunately I have only seen one instance in which someone has complained about having to wear a mask. It was in a T-Mobile office. The customer wasn’t happy but he left without much of a fuss.
    I wish you the best of luck in your reopening.


  2. We’re slowly opening here in Virginia, but I still haven’t been out. My daughter was diagnosed with asthma when she was little and I just don’t want to risk it.
    I love the caption under the elephant photo. 🤣

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  3. Here we can go to a hairdresser but not a nail salon. I do not go to either any more than I have to but the rules are strange everywhere. Enjoy your newfound freedom. It has been a long haul for you guys.

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  4. The government said that the restrictions might be re-introduced… hopefully not because I am sick and tired. The funny thing about hairdressing is that I bought myself a hair trimming machine (made in China) before the lockdown…which proved to be useful

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  5. We bought one for Kat. I used it to trim the back and sides of Dan’s hair last week. He won’t be giving up his hairdresser any time soon! I don’t mind being on lock down but I wouldn’t mind going out for a nice meal. I am just glad we have not lost anyone in our families or close circle. I have two sisters who I worry about. I don’t know that either of them could survive a case of this virus.


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