Back to work

I have received notice that I am scheduled to return to work on June 8th. Since I am retiring on July 24th, I could easily refuse. There is no benefit for me to return, other than a few weeks pay, which we could survive without. There are several reasons not to return – most, but not all, health related. The dust, the air conditioning and the stress in my office all aggravate my asthma and that is something I do not need, on top of my other respiratory issues right now, particularly considering the current Corona virus situation.

Be that as it may, I have agreed to return to work until my official retirement date. I have been with this company for almost sixteen years. I have a lot of time and effort invested in it. I have built up a number of client and supplier relationships that I do not wish to see the company lose. As much as I know things will ultimately be done differently when I retire, I want to make sure someone is ready to take over where I leave off.

In the meantime I have two weeks left to enjoy my pre-retirement break. Today I am cleaning our patio set and getting it ready for resting and relaxing once I do retire for real!


6 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. You will be retired before you know it. When I retired, I tried my best to leave all in good stead. It made the time go fast, and I know I did my best. Have a good week.

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  2. Hubby is partly retired and having him work from home for the past 6 weeks was wonderful…except I couldn’t get to write. He was on telephone and internet conferences most of the day most days. sigh… He returned to work today but it won’t be long before he’s home full time.

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  3. My husband has to work for the next 4 years to get his full pension. I used to wonder how well it world go once we were both retired and home together but now I am sure it will be great. We have been having 4 or 5 days together (between his shifts) and they never get old!

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