Choosing My Battles

It appears that technology (currently WordPress) is determined to pose ongoing challenges. I have never been one who enjoys conflict, so I make an effort to choose my battles.

Today my battle of choice was aligning my website address with the title of my blog, since WordPress had gone rogue on me and decided my website address should be ‘‘ instead of ‘retirement101with‘.

Since chances were slim to nil of getting the website address changed, I decided to go with it and change my blog title instead. That alone was battle enough as WordPress did not seem to believe I really want to make the change.

This has been my mission since 9:00 this morning. I have taken short breaks to have a bath, do my hair, have brunch, dust the livingroom, run to the pharmacy, go with Dan to get the Jeep washed and buy groceries, put away the groceries, walk Kat the dog, and have a short chat with my neighbour Kim. Finally at 4:00 this afternoon, my mission appears to be complete and my new blog title is here to stay!

Tomorrow, I will work on changing my tag line or adding a category to my menu. One battle a day and I should start to see some progress!


8 thoughts on “Choosing My Battles

  1. ccbarr – Happened to me, too. Business class is $300+ a year. One way to avoid this is to limit use of photos and to upload those you’ve saved at the lowest resolution possible. Since my blog features the activities of my two kitty brothers, this formula doesn’t work for me. One can allow advertising to get a bit of cash, but you make very little unless you are a major blogger. I’ve allowed advertising most three plus years and have yet to hit $100, the minimum WordPress will pay out. I may hit that this year!

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  2. I like that but I want the name to be the same as the website address. I don’t think WordPress would change the website address even though they were the ones that came up with it in the first place? I can’t find a setting to change it.


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