Canada Day 2020

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Wascana Park Regina, SK.
Edmonton, Alberta
Winter in Regina, SK.
Hockey Night in Canada
Wheat fields of Saskatchewan
Canadian Railways
Burleigh Falls, Ont.
Prairie Flowers
Vancouver, B.C.
Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Mb.
Regina, SK. Sunset Sky

Happy Canada Day!


39 thoughts on “Canada Day 2020

  1. I really don’t have any plans at all. It is raining here and there are no events planned for the community except for online. So, it will be another quiet day at home and that’s okay. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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  2. Yay!Happy Canada day! Special cheers to PEI. and Nova Scotia. One made my Grandmother(best ever) other was temporary Collins home.

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  3. They were nice and our hotel room was on the top floor of a hotel looking down on them. There was an amazing butterfly house. We actually enjoyed northern Ontario more than Niagara Falls but we are both really into trees and lakes and wildlife. Ontario was amazing and the people were super good to us!

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  4. The beauty of living in Europe is that we can travel from downtown to downtown by train and avoid the annoyance of travelling to the airport, checking in etc. It makes more sense to go by train if you go to a place that is less than 500 km away

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  5. Happy Canada Day, back at ya! My mom was born in Prescott and I grew up across the St.Lawrence River in Massena, NY. Fond memories of Canada : )


  6. A bit too far. The falls I mentioned are just 100 km or so away from Rome. We have smaller falls called Cascate di Monte Gelato just outside Rome. It’s a river that forms various falls and pools. Not bad

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