For as long as I can remember, I have been a deep sleeper and a rediculously vivid dreamer. Naturally, I find dreams fascinating.

Long ago, I found a dictionary of dreams and what they mean – Dream Moods Dictionary. I still refer to it from time to time and it is so amazing how much sense it makes at times, especially with recurring dreams.

There was a time in my life when I had three recurring dreams. In my first dream, I started off in my actual house at that time – except the room I was in led to one strange room after another with no end of rooms until I woke up. My second dream varied but I would dream that I had awoken only to realize I had still been asleep and had only dreamt I had awoken. This dream would play out over and over and over! My third dream was about my death. I would see my dead body in strange places. People would just ignore my body like it was normal to see a corpse sitting in a sandbox, surrounded by little children. That was deeply disturbing! All of these dreams were during the last few years of my first marriage when I was feeling very much trapped. The closer I got to the end of my marriage, the more frequently I had the death dream. I was amazed when I eventually read that the first two dreams were relative to feeling trapped in a bad situation and that dreams of death signify the end of a difficult situation. (Dreams of infants signify new beginnings). It made so much sense!

There is another recurring dream that I have had throughout my adult life. I dream I am back in school and cannot remember my locker combination or find where my classroom is. A few months ago my sister was here and I had this dream. After she left, I looked for a meaning for this dream and I found one that made perfect sense. This dream signifies feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. That sums up my feelings about all of my siblings – all four sisters and one brother – all my senior. I grew up never being as fast as them, as smart as them, as graceful as them, as strong as them – I could never catch up to them when I was growing up! It is funny that subconsciously, I still feel that way when we get together.

Does anyone else have similar dreams? Do you have strange recurring dreams that you would like some insight into? Check out ‘Dream Moods Dictionary’. You just have to Google it – it is online and totally free.

Now if I could just figure out how to control which dreams I have – like going to the channel guide on our television remote. I could have a super sweet night life if I figured that one out!

Have a great day – and night🌞🌙


16 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I figure dreams are the right brain talking. Since it doesn’t have language. Now if I could figure out what a door being kicked in…funny part was I told 2 girls there to call police. They just smiled and carried on. Later I figure out they were my dogs-I call them the girls!

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  2. If my dreams come from the side of my brain that does not have language, it is odd that it talks so much! Weird dream (and funny) about your dogs. I once dreamt that an elephant was trying to push me into the side of a mountain. I pushed back until I heard a major crash and woke up. My (1st) husband was laying on the floor on his side of the bed asking what the hell happened. I went back to my side of the bed, laid real still and pretended to be asleep.


  3. How’d you keep from chuckling?Body does warn,when I lost my first baby had a dream of spotting. Instead when I checked there was a lot of blood!

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  4. I have no idea how I didn’t but was one of the best moments of that marriage. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. There are definitely times when your body influences your dreams.


  5. Ever have dreams of trying to find a bathroom,using it and still “ahem”…not relieved? Body trying to wake me up to use the actual bathroom!

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  6. Lol I’d like a remote, please. I’ve had your first dream lots of time. My weirdest was driving a red convertible up the steps into the house, not mine-either the car or the house. Then driving through the house. Very strange! Fun post!

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  7. Remember, that was my dream. It never happened! When I left the house, the street was quite a steep hill with a river flowing down it. I was scared to do anything. If I turned onto the street, the river could have easily swept me off the cliff into the ocean. I think I woke up.

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