Keeping our grandson Dominic this afternoon.  He’s a cute kid but the energy of a fifty pound pingong ball in motion.

Once he burns off another hour of energy, we are heading home to bake cookies. 

Hope you all having a great (peaceful) day! (I remember those days 😉)


5 thoughts on “Dominic

  1. My husband is home some days and our chocolate lab pup is all go-go-go. He asks when does she sleep?I tell him she has twospeeds go and stop. And stop happens in the evening.She is 1. Hoping at 2 she chills.

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  2. They are fun dogs. Dont know they’re not a kid.Our black labs use to chew up husband’s shoes. Coco is very entergetic and smart. Just like your Dominic.(Got a nephew by that name too)

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