More Summer in Saskatchewan

Dan went on his annual golf trip last week.  He and his golfing buddy went down to the southwest corner of the province to play Whitebear and Kenosee for three days.  He took a few photos for me.

Since he has been back he has been getting busy around here.    He replaced the springs on the garage door, which was a pretty impressive accomplishment. He also got the tires changed on the boat trailer. That was not quite as impressive, but it needed to be done.

I have not been too busy but I have been walking my dog every morning. I have also been puttering around the yard, picking fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchinis.

Zucchini brownies made from scratch – with our own homegrown zucchini.
Our peppers are huge but not turning red yet🤷
We have enjoyed quite a few tomatoes but a lot more to come if the weather holds for a few more weeks.
Cucumbers, carrots and peppers
Ever producing Hungarian peppers.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice summer day!


15 thoughts on “More Summer in Saskatchewan

  1. I find your blog very interesting as well. I read so much hate coming from Alberta, I was starting to wonder if it was everyone there who hates Canada or just people in the oil industry. I found your blogs a very nice change.

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  2. There is certainly some distress coming from the people in the energy sectors, but I’m sorry to hear the negativity reflects badly on all of us. I’m glad you find my blog a nice change from all of that. I try to find some positives and some whimsey, even though I am aware of all the other stuff!

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  3. I can sympathize with the distress but I have just been boggled by the hate being posted on Facebook. I do not think it should be a reflection of everyone in Alberta but one starts to wonder how widespread it is.

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