Working It!

As summer winds down and Dan has returned to work, things are coming together.

Kat is grounded for a few days with a sore paw (seems to be a bit of a sprain). As long as she is limping, even a little bit, I think it is better for her to stay home and rest when I take my daily walk.

I miss Kat on my walks but it gives me a bit of freedom to pick up the pace and extend my walks. This morning I went 5.5 kilometers! YAY!

Dominic Danger

I had my five year old grandson Dominic for a few hours yesterday. His father (my son) wanted his middle name to be ‘Danger’ when he was born. There are days when that would have been so appropriate. Yesterday was one of the days! He was full of energy and bad ideas from the minute he arrived. Fortunately, I was able to channel most of that energy into creative and slightly messy activities.

One of many cedars in our yard.

I finally fertilized and soaked all of our cedars. That was a two or three day project but I am glad that it is done.

Grandkids Playhouse

I scrubbed the deck on the kids’ playhouse, wiped down the railing and polished the lites. I usually have that done much earlier in the season but it was one of those things that I just did not get around to. πŸ™„

I trimmed and mowed our lawn last evening after Dan went to work. I even got the grass clippings bag hauled to the back gate and into the trash bin! I was so proud of myself. πŸ€—

I also cleaned all the branches and debris off of our neighbours lawn, mowed it, and swept her driveway. Our neighbour lost her husband a few years ago and a couple of years later suffered a serious stroke. She is in a rehabilitation/longterm care centre. They took a lot of pride in their home and took such good care of it. I do not know why there is no one to maintain it or check up on it now. They both had family living around here. 🀷 We take turns with the neighbour on the other side of it doing what we can – making the lawn looked taken care of. We are just trying to make it look somewhat lived in until someone takes it over.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Take care out thereπŸ’“


8 thoughts on “Working It!

  1. Wow 5.5k! You rock! My daughter loves the playhouse! She would happily do any yard work or anything in exchange for a few minutes to play in it lol πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚. Your yard is beautiful and I hope Kat heals speedily 😊.

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  2. Thank you! You can tell your daughter I would love that – and it comes complete with a huge bin of Playdough and Playdough toys, a telescope, a few games, and a couple of benches. And the flooring is Duradek inside and out and the inside walls are tongue and groove cedar. So yea – nicer than our house. πŸ˜‚. Kat appreciates your well wishes!


  3. That is amazing! I wish I would’ve been able to do something like that for my kids, just not enough space in the yard πŸ˜•. Ah yes playdough! One of the best toys ever…I just might have to join her 😊. I feel for Kat. My furbaby is 14 and a half years old and is starting to get a little stiff some days and it’s tough. Keep on working it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  4. Me too! At least we can spoil their kids. You can quit feeling sorry for Kat. She just went outside and tried to attack a squirrel (sitting on a power line in our back alley). Bottom line is she found out that, even if she really wants to, she cannot fly. She launched herself off the back landing, rolled half way across the yard and is now limping worse than ever 🀦.


  5. LOL! 🀣 Never a dull moment hey?! Sounds like my little beast. Ugh, the stories I could tell about her are unreal lol! My kids are beyond spoiled…in my opinion lol. I’m happy to hear you get to enjoy doing that and I’m certain the memories the kids have are priceless 😊. And now I have a flying dog stuck in my mind lol! I don’t want to know what the squirrel thought…they can be so annoying sometimes so I can’t say I blame Kat lol! Thanks for the laugh! 🀣

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