Daily Reminders

When Dan was running errands a few mornings ago, he found this metal plaque to put in one of our flower beds.

We are getting to an age where life is becoming more precious and fleeting. Regardless of what is happening, how we are feeling, or who is or is not physically with us, we try to make the most of each and every day. This little sign will be a reminder to help us do just that.

We have other such reminders around our house. They may be a bit corny but they work for us. 🙂 They help us to appreciate each other and our life together.

A little bowl of stones from my mother.
Dan bought these to dress up the kid’s playhouse
I picked this one up at a garden centre.

Not every day is the best, but try to make the best of every day💞


13 thoughts on “Daily Reminders

  1. I love your reminders, they reflect your heart and desires and that’s so beautiful. I feel like I had a little visit in your home. Thank you. One of my huge reminders for me was when I got cancer 9 years ago… That really catapulted both my husband and I into being grateful for being alive and making the most of life and each other. 💖

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  2. Thank you! So often the most difficult times of our lives are the ones that ultimately make the best of our lives. I hope you no longer have your cancer to deal with.


  3. You are welcome and absolutely right! I still need checkups every year and I have just had my latest one this week, still cancer free, thankfully. Definitely keeps me grateful for my life 😊 have a lovely weekend.

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