Gardening in Saskatchewan.

We got the garden in! Our plants all seem to have survived two days of +31 temps followed by three days of snow and freezing temperatures. (They did ride out the snow and cold by hunkering down under sheets and blankets). If they can get through the next week of rain without drowning we should be good!

Kat checking out the plants.
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart blooming like crazy
This year’s begonia for our elephant planter – love the color!
Dan did major work on our welcome planter & lights. I planted the posies.
Our white flower planter 😊
Maple Leafs vs the Canadiens – Go Leafs!
πŸ’ πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ πŸ†

We still have work to do getting the yard cleaned up. I have to finish power washing the patio and outdoor furniture and get the steel planters painted. Dan is working on the front lawn and rebuilding one of the front lawn planters, plus cleaning up some lights and decorations. (Once everything dries up and warms up of course!)

Wishing all a warm and sunny day! 🌞


14 thoughts on “Gardening in Saskatchewan.

  1. Thank you! She is cute but to be honest she chews a few leaves as she makes her rounds. Fortunately, we have a large front yard where we can keep all the plants that are not good for her.

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  2. I started my tomato and pepper plants WAY too early so I planted them in the garden early in May. I think I lost one tomato plant (pretty sure Kat ate it). Good luck with your garden this year!


  3. Wow! We drove from Calgary to Jasper in 2014. It was so cold; coming from a warmer dryer part of the world, South Africa, I didn’t give it much thought about growing conditions in the cold. Your garden looks so pretty.

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