Day 11 – Stay A While

I am not much of a traveller, but when we do go anywhere I try to book us  nice accommodations.  For the eleventh day of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge, I decided to share a few photos of our hotel stays. 

Typically we stay at chain hotels that offer a pool, breakfast buffet, parking, and reasonably priced suites with a fireplace, hot tub, and cosy sitting area. Once in a while we stay at a higher end boutique hotel. They are nice when we are looking for something quieter. Occasionally, I manage to book something off the mark but we make up for it with a nice supper. 🤗

D3H Hotel in Saskatoon – I love their suites, their hotels, and their people!
Mariaggi Hotel in Winnipeg, Mb.   All of their rooms are theme suites with hot tubs, fireplace, and steam shower.  Their penthouse is massive with a pool table, grand piano, and a waterfall in the hot tub.
With grandkids Genie & Rory in the Under the Sea theme room at the Travelodge in Saskatoon.   Cool place for kids to stay!
View from our room at the Sheraton on the Falls at Niagara Falls.
Hotel where we spent our anniversary at Sherwood Park, Edmonton a couple of years ago. It was very nice. The sitting area was purposefully retro. 🙂
Convention Centre we stayed at. I don’t think the prison vibe was purposeful. It was nice and clean, though! 😊
Their amenities were ….. and they had a very nice dining room where we enjoyed a good breakfast before heading out in the morning.

Eleven days down and nineteen to go!

Have a nice day and I hope to see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Day 11 – Stay A While

  1. There are probably more than a few with that itch right now! I would be quite happy going to Moose Jaw for a night at the spa but I think it will be a while. At least we have memories for now. 🤗

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