July 5th – Magical Meds

Medically speaking, my husband and I are relatively fortunate.   Dan has a couple of prescriptions that he takes on a regular basis while I have a handful of inhalers that I use.   Typically, this bit of magic keeps us on our feet and out of our local health facilities. 

Breathing easier with inhalers

Occasionally, our health issues are more acute and at times have been life-threatening.  At those times, antibiotics, blood thinners, antihistamines, and oral corticosteroids have been life savers.   On very rare occasions, prescription strength pain killers have helped us through the likes of kidney stone attacks or dental surgery.

While our health issues are relatively mild and manageable, there are countless others dealing with health issues (physical and mental) that are far more serious. Without the magic of modern medication, many lives would be short lived and/or unbearable.

Finally, unlike medications that manage, treat, or cure disease, vaccines prevent people (and animals) from even contracting a disease – or at least a severe case of the disease. That is some serious MAGIC!

Whether our medications are preventative, life enhancing, or life saving – they are modern day magic that we are fortunate to have access to when we need them.

A magical summer moment that I was able to experience and enjoy because of respiratory inhalers. 🤗

That is it for my magical moment today. Whether you are searching in your medicine cabinet or elsewhere today, I hope you find your own magic!

Have a great day, stay safe, and see you tomorrow! 💞


2 thoughts on “July 5th – Magical Meds

  1. We all have our own medical battles, don’t we? I’m glad that you both are well. I take too many medications each day for blood pressure and diabetes. A daily struggle to stay in control!

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  2. I hope you keep winning the battle. One of my sisters had a kidney transplant a couple of years ago. I could not believe the antirejection drugs she was taking after the surgery. I think she has less now but at first it was incredible.


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