July 24th – Beyond Magic

New computer – up and running!

Dan picked up our new computer on his way home from work on Thursday. Yesterday, he unboxed it and attached all of the wires to connect it to all the outlying bits and pieces. Last night I got it up and running! 🎉🎉🎉

The magic in this is that technical skills are not my strong suit. In fact, my technical skills probably rate just south of my ‘handling power tool‘ skills. You know, those skills that enabled me to attach my cell phone to a shipping carton while trying to operate a tape gun. The same skills that saw me almost take out a neighbour with our electric knife. Those skills… 🙄

My technical skills are worse. Setting up an alarm clock is typically a two or three hour process involving cuss words and a couple of glasses of wine. Setting up a software program is worse. The instructions might as well be in a foreign language. Chances are, they probably are and I just haven’t figured that out yet.

However, last night I set out to get our computer up and running and I got the job done! Without wine or cuss words! There were a couple of small hiccups. The first being that it seemed the keyboard was non-functional (operator error). The second was that, despite very clearly asking if Norton Antivirus would be installed on this computer and getting a very clear ‘NO’, it was definitely there. 🤦 The good news is, after my initial meltdown, it seems I was able to totally uninstall that abomination and successfully install AVG! Yay me!

Our new computer is up and running! Now for the beyond magical.

Last night, there was a full moon! A full moon and I successfully completed a complicated technical task. That is indeed beyond magical.

I am not a full moon fixing type of person. In the days leading up to, and including the day of a full moon, I destroy. Vehicles break down. Tools and electronics cease to function. Meals burn. Once during a full moon, I walked through the office where I was working and jammed four printers without laying a hand on any of them. One was a blueprint copier! A blueprint copier is like a giant wringer from the top of an old-fashioned wringer washer. It consists of two massive rollers that feet a giant piece of paper through print heads. There is supposedly no way to jam one. I did it. I did it so well that the giant piece of paper running through it totally vanished. The technician who came out to make things right was amazed.

Anyway, last night there was a full moon and I successfully set up our new computer. I feel so darn magical!

I hope everyone is having a nice (full moon) weekend. Take care and I will see you tomorrow. 💞


15 thoughts on “July 24th – Beyond Magic

  1. Well done! These systems are a bit difficult to work with. I didn’t notice the full moon but it seems there are more bad incidents when the moon is full. I would remove Norton too, the AVG is better. Have ever tried a Mac?

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  2. Congrats on the new system! It’s always a love/hate thing for me. I enjoy the possibilities of a clean start but then at the same time I miss the old one and wind up making it look like the old one.

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  3. I was nodding when I read about your hour long struggles. Oh yes, exactly! But you did it and it works (I assume) so victory. 👍

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  4. Thank yo, Herb. I don’t change computers or vehicles until there is no other choice. Our old computer had a fatal crash about three weeks ago and we would still be looking at it except for my husband. 😐

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  5. I Love this so much!! Well done you!! Congrats and all that fun stuff as I TOTALLY am the same way with frustrating technology stuff!! Great post, magic beyond magical! And you had me giggling at the office things that broke on full moon days, YIKES!! 😆

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