September 1st – A Piece of My Mind

We are kicking off a new month, so it is time to move forward with a new theme. The theme for my blog this month is obviously: A Piece Of My Mind 😁

I love WordPress! What I specifically love about WordPress is that it is real genuine people sharing details of who they are with other real genuine people. I have tried to be as honest and open as possible but I have decided that I am ready to go deeper.

It is time to share the real me (under the grey hair and wrinkles 😂). This month, I plan to share bits and pieces of my mind each day – my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

Today’s blog is just a ‘Rules of Engagement’ for the blogs to come this month.

1. I am not looking for validation of my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs. I always appreciate comments, but feel free to disagree in a reasonable manner. (No death threats or profanity would be real nice!)

2. I respect who you are and I am interested in who you are – your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and beliefs. I appreciate you sharing them in the comment section – even if they are totally contrary to mine.

3. That is about it!

There will be more words than pictures this month but I have a few photos from yesterday that I just had to share.

Taking 6 yr old Dom for a walk yesterday.
Made it to the store. 🤦🙄🥺😁
Rain and hail storm last night.
Later last night
This morning

We didn’t have too much damage to our yard and both of our vehicles seem okay. The storm hit the northwest corner of the city bad. There were residential streets flooded, trees stripped bare, and the roof of one of the spiral mill buildings out at Evraz was peeled off. (A building where Dan usually works but he is still at the steel mill.)

That is it for today. Hope you are having a good day! Take care and see you tomorrow. 💞


15 thoughts on “September 1st – A Piece of My Mind

  1. Wow, I’m glad that your home and cars aren’t damaged! Can you park in a garage or under a carport? Oh, the snow burying your car! I’m glad that you’ve found WP to be a great place to blog, it has the best community anywhere as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been blogging for ten years, maybe more.

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  2. Thank you, John. We have a huge relatively new garage but we were not parked in it. I don’t like it because we have to back up at an angle to get into it. 🙄. Dan parks the car in it during the winter.

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  3. Especially not when you go to work at 3:00 am for day shift or return at 5:am from night shift! It isn’t that big of a deal when you work 8-5 Monday thru Friday. Cleaning off the snow and ice is easier than the pitch dark drive on icy streets.

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  4. Cute photos of Dom. Wow, you did get rain and hail, glad you did not have a lot of damage from the hail. I am looking forward to all your posts this month. Have a wonderful day.

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  5. We get the smoke from northern forest fires but we live in an area where we only get occasional in grass fires when it is very dry. I wish we could share our rain with you this year. We have had a few good rainy spells. Keep safe💞

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