October 3rd – Strange News

Today I have sourced out a few unique news stories for anyone who is looking for some thought provoking reading on this beautiful Sunday. Enjoy!

Fox News – ‘Missing’ Turkish man joined search party for himself. Beyhan Mutlu was believed missing when he wandered drunk away from his friends. Find story here.

Huffington Post – Tai taxi drivers idled by Covid-19 lockdowns turn car roofs into gardens. Drivers are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans. Find story here.

Toronto Sun – New study finds that 42% would get under the covers with a robot. Find story here.

Ottawa Sun – Wally the wandering walrus sets up home on a motorboat. An appeal has been launched in Co Cork for a pontoon for Wally to use as a safe ‘haul-out site’. Walruses are semi-aquatic and must come up on land to rest. Find story here.

Live Science – Scientists convert plastic waste into vanilla flavoring. Find story here.

Post Media News – Russian man performs snake swallowing trick, dies from bite on tongue. Find story here.

United Press International – Texas driver cited for using carpool lanes with skeleton passenger. Find story here.

New York Post – Shell-clocked – Woman gashed in the head after turtle crashes through windshield. Find story here.

I am speechless, so will leave you with these immortal words by the famous Mark Twain. “Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today”.

Take care and enjoy this beautiful autumn day. šŸ’ž


23 thoughts on “October 3rd – Strange News

  1. The old saying “Truth is stranger than fiction”… It’s springtime here and we are experiencing happy birds, beautiful blossom, and the occasional python sliding across our back garden. Wishing you a colourful autumn šŸ™‚

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  2. I did see the story on the man in a search party who found out he was looking for himself. Wish I could think up something fictional that was as crazy as that. What a great Blog post it would make!

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  3. Love your strange news post. It is rather inspiring. So much fun. I heard of skeletons posing as passengers for the carpool lane before. Hahaha. However all the other ones are new to me.

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