October 10th – Heartfelt News

I am so enjoying finding news worth sharing this month.  Today, I found the best story yet, in my mind! 

The news story that I found comes from the South Central  Correctional Facility in Licking, Missouri.

The story is about a special rehabilitation program that has been operating for ten years. Prisoners housed at South Central are given the opportunity to spend much of their time sewing personalized quilts for children living in foster care. (Click on the link above and read the story! It is brief and well worth your time. 💖)

Cherished handmade quilt that Dan’s Aunt Helen gave us for our wedding. 💞

I cannot find anything regarding the origins of this program but it is beautiful. It gives prisoners a sense of dignity, self-worth, and pride. All are traits that will serve them well in prison and on the outside following their release. The personalized quilts that they make give their recipients security and self-worth, knowing someone cared about them. Traits that will give them confidence as they grow out of foster care and into their adult lives.

Every life is precious. Every man, woman, and child needs and deserves the opportunity to feel valued, appreciated, and respected. Programs like this, that accomplish that goal, are amazing and seldom get the recognition they deserve. Which is a pity, because these programs need recognition to get the funding and support necessary to continue.

That is all I have for today. Sometime this month, I plan to touch on Correctional Facilities and Foster Care in Saskatchewan. But not today. Today is a day for a bit of good news. 🤗

Take care and have a great day! 💞


25 thoughts on “October 10th – Heartfelt News

  1. Being very familiar with some foster care children I can pretty well say in truth they treasure those quilts. Those I have known treasured every gift no matter how large or small. I am so enjoying your posts Anne.

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  2. Thank you, Frony. 💞 I am not familiar with many children who have experienced foster care here, but with what I have seen of the system, I am sure they would appreciate any kindness shown them.

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  3. Overhaul is not the word. We experienced it first hand when my daughter was going through her divorce a few years ago. Her children are teenagers and still have nightmares and trauma to deal with. I notice every horrid story in the news now and it is so bad. And they don’t tell the half of it.

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  4. Not enough workers here or money. Too many other things take priority over foster care. Our private foster care places are doing well, it is the state foster care that is in dire need of change.

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  5. Here it is all state (or provincial). They work with Catholic Children’s Services but I think that is mostly to do with counselling. Just recently, some native children have been put under native jurisdiction. Anything has to be better than the government run one.

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  6. We are fine. I am waiting for hernia surgery but certainly not in a panic for it considering all those who are waiting for surgeries that are much more urgent. Honestly, all I have to do on a regular basis is go out and feed the critters, so its not that much of a strain.

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