October 14th – Security

The news story for the day in Saskatchewan is the arrival of our first snow of the season. It is more of a preview than the BIG event, but it is definite sign that winter will not be passing us by.

First snow of the season 😲

I also have a bit of family news to share today. With Dom’s regular grandparent sitters unavailable this week, I was called up for active duty. It is not that big of a deal. Dom gets out of school at 3:22 and his Dad (son Mark) is here to pick him up before 5:00. There is barely time for a snack and a cartoon.

The challenge of this arrangement is that Dom attends school across the city from where we live. That means driving some distance to pick him up, and obviously the same distance to get back here. And… Dan is working this week. The driving is on me.

I do not love driving. Typically, I will do anything to avoid getting behind the wheel. But… this is for Dom. So I have been driving across the city and back. There is construction and trains and rain, and today there is the added joy of snow. If Dan was available he would no doubt be driving me across the city and back every day and I would be relieved and grateful and stressed out thinking about ever having to do this if he were not available.

But… Dan is not available this week, so it is on me. The rediculous thing is – I can drive. I have driven thousands and thousands of miles, much of it in hideous weather, through and around construction, and in vehicles far less reliable than our Jeep. When I do get behind the wheel, it all comes back. It is like riding a bike. (If I could ride a bike.) The thing is, I can drive, and when forced to do it I manage it rather competently. Then I am super pumped that I did it and I feel secure knowing that I am capable of doing it.

When I avoid anything it makes me feel nervous and insecure. When I actually meet my fears head on I become FEARLESS! Life is so complicated. πŸ˜‚

Ready to roll with Dom!
Snack Time

Take care and have a great day. πŸ’ž


20 thoughts on “October 14th – Security

  1. It’s great that you face your fear and slide behind the wheel. It sounds like you have a heck of a lot of experience so you are good to go! I don’t miss driving in the snow, did that from the get-go in 1977. That’s 44 years of driving. You can do it, Annmarie!

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  2. I wish I was closer to my grandkids!! Dom is so ADORABLE! Sorry you have to drive so far to help out but am glad to see you’ve faced and conquered your fears. I’m thinking it would happen to me too, someday I’m sure but since I’m still working and driving everyday all is good. Being Grandma’s is the bestest!! πŸ’ž

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  3. I am sure you will be fine! I have never liked driving. I am just better at avoiding it nowadays. Thank you! I think Dom is a pretty cute kid. πŸ’ž. He is very smart as well. We have grandkids that live hours away but we see them a few times a year and we get photos often. Yes, being Grandma is pretty cool!

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  4. Saskatchewan. I’m sure I know about that place. A few years ago, we hosted two young men, Attila and Jake, from there. A home-stay school program. I still think of them fondly. πŸ’•

    Dom. He’s there to remind you how resourceful you are.
    This is great. I’m sure you’re a good driver. Dom will help you.
    Be well, Anne. xoxo


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  5. I live in Calgary and came home from the States at the weekend to find snow on the lawn. I thought the same thing as you: “A sure sign that winter will not be passing us by.” And I hate driving in snow too!!! Thanks for the post.

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