October 27th – Parenting

Today’s news story, found here, is on a subject that I did not expect to touch on this month. But here it is and well worth the time to read it.

This article from Today’s Parent magazine was written by an actual mother struggling to get her child introduced to a variety of foods. It could have been written by any mother getting a child to do, or not do, anything over the course of a regular day. That is what makes it such a refreshing, enjoyable, and valuable article.

As a young mother, I read articles and entire books that promised perfect parenting. I was a mother for about two days before I realized that my children were obviously not perfect. They were children – adorable, precious, unique little human beings who had obviously not read any of these articles or books. Likewise, and just as obviously, these articles and books were not written by anyone who had ever raised, or seen, an actual child.

My Three – Mark, Jen, & Dan

I have checked out a few parenting articles in recent years, since becoming a grandparent. While the articles today still tend to spew the ‘one size fits all’ rules for perfect parenting, they seem to have gotten more obnoxious over the years. Many push young parents to embrace their updated parenting skills while rejecting any ‘well-meaning’ advice from grandparents or like. Seriously 😒

If you are, or are about to become a parent, chances are you will read up on the subject. Here are a few of my own personal tips on parenting – take them or leave them, ignore them at your own risk. ☺️

  • Do not believe everything you read – if it sounds wrong, it probably is.
  • Every child is unique – and every grandchild is unique. They are meant to be that way. Do not frustrate yourself or them by trying to shape them into something they are not. 🙄
  • What works once for one child, will not necessarily, or generally, work for another child, or even the same child.
  • Worry less. Never worry about what may or may not worry your child. If it is really a problem for them, you will know. If it isn’t a problem, don’t create one.
  • Good parenting doesn’t have to be serious to work. Have fun! It might not seem like fun when your little one is power puking across the Christmas tree, or shooting their new panties up into a neighbour’s tree, or putting a dead hamster on your pillow, but someday those times will be priceless memories (to be recounted at graduations and weddings). Then, if you are very fortunate, you will graduate to grandparenting!
Granddaughter Maddy

That is it for today! Take care and have a great day!💞


13 thoughts on “October 27th – Parenting

  1. Wow, never, ever reject what grandparents have to say about children! How sad and so rude. The young folk today have so much disrespect for older people and it makes me mad as I grow older. Your children are so adorable, Annmarie as is Maddy! ❤️🇨🇦

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  2. AWW, what a cutie patutie grand daughter! I Love this post, great advice list. I LOVE the last one, have FUN and yes, grandkids are super duper FUN!! ❤️🤩🥰


  3. Thank you, Diana!💞 Maddy was (and still is) adorable. It is funny how all of our grandchildren are SO different from one another. Maddy is our happy one. That is her natural state. The only thing that makes her sad is when she is unable to bring joy to someone else, or heaven forbid when when she does something to upset them.

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