October 30th – Metaverse

The news story for today, found here, is all about the new and improved Facebook, ‘Meta’.

For those WordPress readers who were, like me, born before the debut of the fax machine, this leap into the future of social media is no doubt a bit daunting.

From what I understand, the ‘Metaverse’ is a place where we humans will exist as our chosen avatars (cartoon characters of ourselves) and where we can hang out with the avatars of our real life co-workers, family, or friends. We will wear a virtual reality headset, which will enable our avatar to reflect our facial expressions and our real time movements. πŸ˜‹πŸ’ƒπŸ€Έ

With ‘Meta’ Facebook we will hold virtual meetings, dance parties, and participate in online games. We will make crafts and play sports. Our entire mission in life will be to have happy, healthy, fit, convivial avatars.

So, that brings us back to Facebook and how they expect to profit from this new Meta version. Their plan is to profit off of merchandise sales. Naturally, much of this ‘merchandise’ will be of the technological type like apps to create and expand our own little Metaverses. But, the big winner will no doubt be the sale of digital clothes that one will buy for our avatar. Seriously, no one wants to be seen out and about in the Metaverse in last year’s stretch pants and t-shirts. We will buy expensive designer outfits and accessories for our lucky little avatars, while we stay at home and slump around in our stretch pants and t-shirts. Why didn’t we think of this ages ago? 🀦

I suppose it was inevitable that we would eventually fade from our livingroom couches to the digital spaces and places that only technology can provide. I am just not sure that I am ready.

Anyway, that is it for today. As always, feel free to comment below. Yay or nay, are you ready to celebrate this latest step in social media?

My not so digital dog. 🐾

Take care and have a great day! πŸ’ž


25 thoughts on “October 30th – Metaverse

  1. It’s amazing that we still use the fax machine, old technology. I have never used FB and never will for numerous reasons I won’t bore you with. FB is like Google to me, a beast that gobbles up everything about you. An unwanted intrusion into your life. I have an extension in my Firefox browser that blocks FB from tracking me as much as possible. They, like Google, roam about seeking what about you they can devour.

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  2. Things have gotten ugly on Facebook in the past few years. I can’t see the Metaverse being any better. Who is going to control what kind of hate and nonsense those well dressed avatars are spreading? But I am with you in the dinosaur pack.

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  3. I mostly play games on mine. Exchange the occasion photo of grandkids. I have unfollowed most of my friends because of the political stuff. I am not exactly onboard with western politics. πŸ˜‚

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  4. Along wth what others have observed, I left Facebook years ago.

    I browse some sites. It’s important to be able to winnow – and if not independently verify, at least use my sense of what sounds right – the factual out of the trash. I’ve learned a lot about supply chains from people who work in supply chains. Not analysts who study supply chains, or media people who interview supply chain analysts. Have also learned a lot on Twitter about cutting edge COVID knowledge (it’s aerosols; and distancing by 2 meters is not necessarily a magic number; cleaning surfaces is largely hygiene theatre).


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