December 4th – Tasty Treats

Today we celebrate the treats that are a central part of the holiday season.

The stores are filled with sweet and salty snacks that will make their way to our table – Mandarin oranges, nuts, gourmet chocolates, Christmas candies, and the like. But, despite the tempting array of readily available delicacies, there is nothing more festive than spending a few hours preparing (and sampling) our own homemade treats to add to the mix. Yesterday, I started the process with a couple of our favourites.

Carmel corn and nuts as per Mother’s recipe
Frank’s Red hot sunflower seeds – not a traditional Christmas recipe, but they do help to keep me from overindulging in the the nuts and chocolates.

There are a couple of more snacks that I will make before I move onto the more serious baking of butter tarts, cookies, slices, cheese cake and the like. So much tasty goodness to celebrate this month!

That’s it for today, folks. Take care and have a delicious day!


9 thoughts on “December 4th – Tasty Treats

  1. Oh how I Love baking Christmas cookies and fudge. I like to make a variety to pack up and give away. Last year I didn’t do this of course, maybe this year I’ll so some baking! I never thought of making salty, different snacks. That’s a great idea!! πŸ’ž

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