More Molly!

Just a short update today on life with our new pup.

Molly did way better last night!   We went to bed with her at 10, she slept until 3:30, I took her outside for a few minutes, and she went right back to her bed and slept until almost 6 this morning.  Yay Molly!

Her potty training is going well.  She has had two or three piddle accidents in the porch and one in the bedroom.  That is ALL.  Not bad for a puppy with no housetraining prior to coming here.  😊

She still isn’t into walking on a leash, but Dan went and bought her a harness today which helps.  I also watched a You Tube video on leash training and read up on the leash biting issue, so I am ready for another session tomorrow. Gotta love You Tube and Google.

Other than that, Molly is busy chewing on everything and dragging anything she can shake loose (blanket, bath mat, shoes…). Standing on her hind feet she can see, if not reach, anything that gets her attention – and everything gets her attention.

Tomorrow is her first vet checkup and vaccine!  That should be fun.  Everyone in the vet’s office enjoys meeting a new pup. 💝

I think she grew overnight. 🙄

That is it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day!


33 thoughts on “More Molly!

  1. Thank you, Neese. About a hundred pounds, three feet tall standing on all four legs, six feet standing. She should be a rambunctious pup for a couple of years and then be a fairly calm, laid back dog. She is very intelligent.

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  2. Molly slept all night last night (even through Dan getting up for work at 4 a.m.) Today she seems pretty dozy but have learned she can turn on a dime. She goes to the vet this afternoon, but since I don’t have a crate for her yet or a seat harness, I asked my granddaughter Genie if she had time to come with us – just in case. We haven’t had Molly in the vehicle at all so I have now idea how she will react. I am nervous enough about driving without having a huge puppy going nuts on me. I am so relieved, Genie has time to come with us on our first drive!

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  3. It would take a pretty big crate when she is full grown! We are on our second harness and third crate(used and in the attic for just such a time)but I think Emmy won’t get much over 40 pounds, unlike Molly.

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  4. I am sure Molly will work her way up through a few harnesses! And crates just don’t seem realistic – nor do real dog beds. We would have to move our bed out of our room and sleep in the closet.

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