Three Months Old

Molly is three months old now (as of the sixteenth). She has tripled in size – at least! She is a firmly entrenched member of our once peaceful household. She dug the trench herself and our household is not nearly as peaceful as it used to be.

Molly 3 mos & 2 days

I am impressed that we still have really good days. Yesterday wasn’t one of them. She pooped TWICE in the house and peed once. She was also in one of those rambunctious moods where she insists on jumping on me and biting at me. She also managed to toss my supper plate off of the table and onto the floor and yes – my supper was on it. 😧

This morning is starting out way better, but she did come in a while ago with a big tick on her neck. 🙄

That was a ordeal!

Ticks are not the only things Molly brings into our small house from our big yard. She hauls copious amounts of sand, leaves, branches, twigs, rocks, plants, and garbage that blows in from Lord knows where. It is a challenge keeping up with her. In deciding to get a larger dog, that was not something I had even considered. I had no idea how much debris one dog could haul around. 😳

All in all, life with Molly is lots of fun. She is getting really good at playing Nerf Frisbee and better at playing ball. She is relatively quiet, although these dogs have a reputation for becoming big barkers. I will be surprised if Molly goes that way. She is not the skittish, excitable sort – even when the squirrels visit. She did do some serious whining yesterday when I went out front to mow our lawn. She had to stay inside the fence and she let me know she was upset about it.

Anyway, Molly is proving to be a good companion so far and I am looking forward to whatever lies ahead for us. Seems like a keeper! 🤗

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


9 thoughts on “Three Months Old

  1. Molly is growing! Sorry about your supper, though. Did she eat it too??? I’m worn out from the chickens and Lucy. I like the peace and relative quiet (except for Lucy and Jet Blue screaming at all hours of the day and night) of our house! Keep up the good work.

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  2. She didn’t get a chance. For a big man, my husband can move. 😊 She was outside before she knew what happened. I think chickens screaming would not be relatively quiet. 🤔 Thank you and have a great rest of the day!

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  3. Wow, it has already been 3 months since Molly became a family member? Time sure seems to fly by for me. I think she is doing great with her training to be only 3 months old. Sorry about your dinner, I bet Molly is too.

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  4. Molly was nine weeks old when we got her so we have only had her for about a month. She was born on 16th. I am sure she would be sorry too but I don’t think she realized what she did. She just jumped up because she wanted to play with me. She wasn’t trying to get my food or anything. Thanks Mags! I think she is doing very well too. 💞🤗

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