Six Months old!

Molly is six months old today! We celebrated this morning with our usual walk around the neighbourhood. She did great on the sidewalks and back alley – not so good going through Patricia Park. I have no idea why she can’t deal with parks but we made 3.5k so I guess that was okay.

Checking out a bit of litter…
Just eating wood…

I had a chat with Genie before we went for our walk. She is on her drive to Toronto. So far so good! She drove from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, Manitoba and her friend Chelsea drove through the night to Thunder Bay, Ontario. They were stopping for breakfast before Genie got back behind the wheel. Tonight they are staying at a hotel along the way before heading on to Toronto tomorrow. 😊

She sent me a few photos to share.

Lumsden Valley just north of Regina
Sunset at Brandon, Manitoba
Into the night…
And into Ontario this morning
‘It’so pretty out here.” Genie
I agree!
And foggy πŸ™„

I hope the rest of their drive goes as well as it has so far. They are driving around Lake Superior today and lake Huron tomorrow so the scenery can only get better. But… that is one long drive. I am so glad Chelsea is there to help with the driving and that she is familiar with the route.

That is it for today! Take care and have a great day! πŸ’žπŸŒž


13 thoughts on “Six Months old!

  1. Happy six months old, Molly! I’m glad that she is doing well on the leash, Anne-Marie. The girls made great time, wow! The scenery looks very beautiful along the way. Did they take the Trans Canada highway?

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  2. Thank you, John! Yes they sure did. They could have taken another highway from Saskatoon to Winnipeg but it wouldn’t save that much time and it is two way traffic. I am glad they came around by the Trans Canada!

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  3. I would love to see it but I don’t know about driving it – and I am pretty sure Dan’s back and hips would never survive that much time in a vehicle. Maybe when he retired and we can take our time.

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  4. That sounds good! Years ago, I drove a crew cab and a large trailer with an antique car in it from Michigan to Florida, then Florida to Michigan when the seasons change. Good memories sans the construction zones along I-75. That’s a north-south freeway.

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  5. Beautiful scenery! Makes me even more excited about the Canada trip in our future! It reminded me of my younger days when two of us would drive from Texas to California without stopping. Sure could not do that now!

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  6. There is plenty of stunning scenery to be seen and adventures to be had across Canada. I am so glad that Genie and her young co-workers are experiencing this opportunity – and making the most of it. πŸ’žπŸ€—

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  7. Thank you, Derrick. Btw.. Genie’s been reading my blogs regularly since she’s been on the road this summer. It keeps her feeling ‘home’ wherever she goes. She sees the comments and I know she appreciates them. πŸ’ž

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