Natural Beauty

Our weather is overcast today and a few degrees cooler than it has been. Other than the adorable GoldenDoodle that Molly got to play with on our walk this morning, our neighbourhood seems to be just a little gloomy.

Fortunately, our Genie is out and about taking in the scenes in Toronto with her new iphone 13 Pro Max. I am not sure how anyone gets that excited about using any new piece of technology, but I am grateful that she sent me plenty of new photos to share.

Today I decided to focus on a few of her nature shots….

I think she is doing great with her new phone but these kids were born into technology. I remember Genie sitting on my knee playing games on our computer, when she was too small to reach the top of the desk on her own. I also remember the day my boss bought me my very first calculator. 🤣

Anyway, that’s it for today. Take care and have a good day! 💞🤗


16 thoughts on “Natural Beauty

  1. The pictures are beautiful–she has a good eye for composition. My favorites are the lichen/moss on those logs, the apple, and the set of leaves with the little fuzzy details.

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  2. Thank you, Neese. I love seeing pictures on WordPress. I can sense an emotion that I don’t feel in professional photography. (If that makes any sense – it’s like difference between a picture of someone’s home compared to a picture of a house in a glossy magazine?)

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