Body, Mind, Soul, & Heart

Most people have their own particular outstanding strength –  be it physical, mental, spiritual,  or  a genuinely  kind,  caring, and affectionate  personality.   Then there is son Dan,  who turned forty-three years young today.

Dan was an infant for about three months. Even then,  he never stopped.   In his sleep, he was moving fingers and toes, tumbling  around,  and practicing his  grins and gurgles. By seven months, he had mastered forks and spoons and fed himself Easter dinner at Grandma’s house.  By three years old, he had mastered his first set of real tools and was swinging a hammer like a pro.

In elementary school,  Dan was the A student, the class clown, the solo singer in the annual Christmas concert, the teacher’s pet, and the chick (every little girl)  magnet. At home he was helping me bake, helping his father build a garage –  followed by our new house – followed by laying an acre of sod with the next door neighbour and I.

When he turned ten, Dan was ready to join the workforce.  He took on a paper route in our area and was  saving up to buy his own big screen tv. 

By fourteen, he was ready for a real job so he joined the production crew at the millwork company where I was employed.  Throughout high school, he worked fifty to fifty-five hours a week, graduated with honors, bought his first vehicle, and installed a new motor in it (himself).   In his spare time – he hung out with his friends Dave and Scott and, along  with  his brother and sister, helped me to maintain our household,  since I was now divorced and working eighty hours a week to support us.

Dan with his Oldsmobile Cutlass

After graduation, Dan headed north to work for my brother-in-law’s/sister’s oilfield fabrication and service company.  Despite injury and illness, he completed  his four year journeyman pipefitter course in three years, graduating at the top of his class.  Soon he was on his way to  managing large oilfield projects in northern Alberta, despite being  the youngest man on the site (for a number of years).    By this time he had purchased his first house, traded up to a new truck,  married his first wife – and was soon to become a father.

Following a difficult marriage and a  painful  divorce process, Dan married the love of his life –  the wonderful (and equally energetic, caring, intelligent,  and fun loving) AMANDA. Due to a last minute Covid lockdown, their formal wedding ceremony was a very intimate affair for them, which we watched over a streaming website.     

Fortunately, we were able to attend their less formal wedding reception the following summer. ( In 2021)

Hers, his, and theirs – Lucas, Gabby, and Cason.  (They couldn’t even keep it together for their photo session. ) 🥰

Dan and Amanda have a beautiful home always  filled with kids, dogs, friends, family, great food, love, and happiness.  Dan is working closer to home these days – still long hours, but at least closer to home which enables him to be at home every night.  Amanda  runs her own  company – as well as their busy home.  Gabby is in Grade 12 and working at a store and ice cream shop in a small town close to their acreage, Lucas is in Grade 2, and Cason just started pre-school.

And in his spare time, Dan just finished building the last section of their massive deck.

Happy Birthday, Dan. We are so proud of you and your beautiful amazing family.  (And so happy that you found someone with the energy and inclination to keep up with you 😉)

That is it for today.  Take care and have a great day! 🌞💞


29 thoughts on “Body, Mind, Soul, & Heart

  1. What a lovely tribute, Anne! How fortunate to be so adored–and I love that Cutlass and the deck. Talent, good taste, hard working, and fun? What a combo…but I did get a smile out of his going “Up north.” Hope you all had a wonderful day, and best wishes for many more of them.

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  2. Thank you, Sue! He has it all but he has worked for it, for sure! Along with Amanda of course. I get that ‘up north’ occasionally. I forget that for many who follow my blog we are ‘up north’. Have a great rest of the day. 🌞

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  3. On graduation from trade school Dan was given the highest award in the apprenticeship program. Most of his fellow students were from union shops but Dan was the first steamfitte/pipefitter/gasfitter so outstanding he was given the award despite the fact that he apprenticed through a non union shop.
    As owners and managers of our team oriented non union shop we were incredibly proud and Dans face and accomplishments became a big part of our marketing.
    As we were a training shop with several in our apprenticeship program, Dan was an amazing influence on so many younger ones in the program.
    Happy birthday Dan.

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  4. Thank you, Lorraine. I think I remember that about the union /non union thing. I am glad he was a good influence on the younger ones. That metal shop I worked for was the exact opposite. The older workers would taunt the younger ones for wearing PPE or working to excel in their classes.


  5. I don’t know how much I can take credit for but I do deserve a medal for keeping him fed and in clean clothes for seventeen and a half years. I discussed his appetite and wardrobe needs with Amanda one day and she said she knew what she was getting into food wise but the laundry floored her. His days are so long and so filled with work/driving/yard work/kids play time/ baking/ tv time / barbecuing he goes through six wardrobe changes a day. The struggle is real. 😂😂😂


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