Molly is ***ONE***

She can hardly contain her excitement!

Molly was born into this world on February 16th, 2022. After spending her first few weeks with her Mom and siblings, we welcomed her into our home on April 22nd.

April 22, 2022
Eating one of the many cedars we had pre-Molly.
Molly’s first ‘official’ walk – 4 weeks post final round of vaccinations.
Genie’s lap dog.
Summer splash pool – I was trying to clean it and give her fresh water. She just couldn’t wait!
Fresh out of responsible pet control.
Christmas 2022 with Cason, Lucas, Bacardi, & Cornelius
Yes, Molly! You did this to me. πŸ™„

Our big girl is an entire year old. It hasn’t all been easy, it hasn’t all been fun, but every day is so worth it! 😁 Happy Birthday, Molly!


30 thoughts on “Molly is ***ONE***

  1. Happy Birthday to Molly. We pick up a puppy on March 3. Soon we will begin again raising a young dog. I love the months you highlight here reminding me of all that lies ahead of us.

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  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! That is so exciting. πŸ€—. What kind of pup are you getting. Good luck if it is a Molly. Last night my husband was at work and I went to take a bath. Molly dragged a big plant/planter off an end table and destroyed the livingroom. There was six inches of potting soil on the sofa and plant and soil all over the floor, coffee table, etc. It took me a couple of hours to clean it all up with my one good arm. When I brought Molly back in, she looked so disappointed that her handiwork was all gone. 🀦. She is still not very happy with me today.

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  3. Hi Annemarie,
    We enjoyed your picture captions, especially: “Yes, Molly, you did this to me.”
    Re: the planter – Now we understand your saying, “It hasn’t all been easy.”☹️
    Paul and Betty

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  4. Not ALWAYS. She did get hold of a big potted plant in our livingroom last night while I was having a bath and my husband was at work. Looked like a bomb had gone off. Took me two hours to clean it all up and when I let her back in, she wandered around looking so sad that her handiwork was gone. 😧. A.


  5. Yes. Our vet once said every puppy will destroy something you value. For him it was a leather jacket he had hung over the back of a dining room chair. Our pup is half cocker spaniel(mother) and half poodle(father.) More pictures will be posted as we move along.

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  6. Your pup will be adorable! I have found it challenging to keep up with writing and reading blogs. Molly gets seriously offended every time I sit down at our computer or pick up my phone. I will make a note of checking out your blog for photos. Your pup sounds adorable!

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