Seven Weeks…

I am only three weeks into Year Two of my health and fitness program, but it has been SEVEN WEEKS since Molly and I collided and I walked away with a broken arm.  (Literally walked away!  We were at the dog park a few blocks from home, so we had to walk home. Ouch, ouch, ouch!)

Molly racing with a little French Bullie at the park last week.  I stayed outside the fence with my broken arm.

I think that I am healing quite well. The fractures in my proximal humurus and humurus head do not bother me at all.  I do feel frequent and considerable pain in my shoulder, elbow, and wrist.  Go figure.  I am pretty sure I pulled or tore something in my shoulder, but I am three weeks from getting my ultrasound report so who knows.  This morning, I had ripping pain down my right side from my shoulder, down my arm, and down my side from my armpit to under my ribs.    Since I did not injure my right side in my fall, I have to assume it was either sympathy for my left side or something I pulled compensating for my left side.  Who knows?

Either way, that brings me to where I am at with my physical health and fitness levels.  I think I am doing okay all things considered.  I work out, try to sleep well, try to eat healthy, take my vitamins and beet juice, and try to get outside for a bit of fresh air every day.   🤗

Mentally and emotionally, I have struggled a bit this past week.  It’s nothing serious – just frustration, sadness, and good old grumpiness.  Nothing debilitating for sure, but something I have had to work on.  

  • I have backed away from checking my online ‘Fractured Humurus Group’.  There is way more bad news than good and it just isn’t helping me.  I do still drop in once or twice a day and send ‘Caring Hugs’ to those who are struggling, but I don’t let myself get too engaged.
  • I have made daily accomplishments a priority.  Yesterday I made breakfast for Dan and I, did dishes, vacuumed, dusted,  cleaned and re-assembled our humidifier, made a dental appointment, AND I did our taxes!!!
  • I have been meditating every day.   I think that is really helping me to feel more grounded and focused.  It also is helping me to sleep better.
  • I have been watching You Tube video clips of comedy sketches – mostly ‘Golden Girls’ and ‘Bob Newhart’.  I wasn’t really a fan of ‘Golden Girls’ when it was on tv, but their clips are funny.  I always loved ‘Bob Newhart’ – especially Larry and his brothers Darryl and Darryl.    🤣🤣🤣

My efforts seem to be helping to get my mental and emotional self in a better place.    And… Our March sunshine isn’t hurting the cause. 🌞

That is my health and well-being update for this week.  

Take care and have a great week! 💞🤗

Our flowers are still seeds, roots, or bulbs buried under feet of snow and ice, but I thought this photo from my archives would make a perky and promising Header Photo for March.  ☺️

24 thoughts on “Seven Weeks…

  1. I agree, Anne Marie, you are experiencing sympathetic pain as I do because of sciatica. Pain in the left hip joint and the ball of the left foot, it sucks. It comes and goes…

    I loved watching Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshet, not sure how her last name is spelt. The Golden Girls was a great show too. I have no idea how the Canadian tax system works!

    Happy Wednesday!

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  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery dear friend! Bob Newhart and The Golden Girls are sure to give the laughs that are needed to help with feeling down and help with the recovery along with the beautiful sunshine!

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  3. I think our tax system is close to any other. We fill out long, confusing forms with information that our government already has and if we make an honest mistake we get whipped mercilessly. While our politicians deliberately break the rules, claim they made an honest mistake, and get away Scott free. 😁

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  4. First thing I noticed (ha, of course!) was the new header and I thought how beautiful they are! I have been feeling pretty good for the last 10 days since I re-started my self-care, but I have to tell you, this was fun and made me smile all over again. I always loved Larry and Darryl and Darryl–who didn’t?

    Anyway, I am glad you are keeping on as well as possible and that you are finding ways to maximize your energy and mood. May the fun and fruitful force continue to be with you!

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  5. Keep on keeping on sweet Anne the day will come when you will be all healed. It is good you are watching things that give you some laughs. Staying positive I believe has a lot to do with how quickly one heals. Love and healing hugs!

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  6. Many years ago my daughter entered and won a “Golden Girls” sweepstakes contest which brought her and us for a five day all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We got to meet Betty White who was as nice in person as she appeared on television. Laughter truly does help us heal. Keep laughing!

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  7. You are doing awesome Anne! That’s awesome your watching GG clips. I have always loved GG, mostly due to Betty White. I’ll see if I can post my favorite episode here. Blanche accidentally gives away Rose’s teddy bear from when she was a kid. Rose was very sad. The girl she gave the teddy bear to won’t give it back and held it for ransom for gifts.,vid:aAbiZOfbURU

    “I’m Larry and this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Daryl.” 😂😂😂 Makes me laugh every time!!

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