April in Saskatchewan

“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz.  I wonder where the flowers iz?”.   If our grass has done any rising, I haven’t seen it. 🙄

Woke this morning to  fresh falling snow.
Molly doesn’t mind our lingering winter season.
A good day to start the Calla Lily bulbs that I picked up from Dollarama. The packages say they can be started indoors.
Memories of April 2021
And more April 2021 memories.

Since the fresh snow is covering up the areas of treacherous ice and water, it looks like our daily walk is on pause for today. I should get going around here and get some laundry and housekeeping caught up. And… start a few seeds and bulbs, just because it is APRIL. 💐💐🪻

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌸


36 thoughts on “April in Saskatchewan

  1. April 2021 was a fruitful month, lovely. I say it’s a good idea to skip the walk too when it’s so icy. No more broken bones or bruises, Anne Marie. 😊👍🏻

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  2. That stretch wasn’t bad at all but when we turned at the treeline it was treacherous. We had a six inch wide ridge to walk along to get back to the street. I managed to stay on it. Jen (my daughter) went off the side and was up past her knees in snow.

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  3. It sure still looks like winter at your place. All those plants look healthy and green. Hoping for you all the ice and snow gets gone so you and Molly can enjoy walking. Hugs Anne. ❤

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  4. We have WAY too much snow on the ground here in New Brunswick. Thankfully I started my seeds indoors in our plant room. By the time they’re big enough to be transplanted our Greenhouse will be ready for them.

    We just use a space heater at night to keep temperatures up enough to keep the plants happy. Daytime the greenhouse makes its own heat. I actually have to open the door because it gets too hot. Hit 45’C the other day. It’s not ready yet, but it’s about time I get in there and clean it up so I can get things growing.

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  5. It seems to have been a rough winter everywhere this year. My front yard is not showing any green grass at all. I hope everything is just running a bit late to show up for us and we have not lost any plants or grass.

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  6. There seems to still be lots of snow everywhere! Hopefully Easter will bring spring to all of us who are still stumbling across ridges of ice and piles of snow. ☺️


  7. Our temperatures are supposed to shoot up this weekend. It will be nice but we could have some serious melting issues for a few days. Good luck with your seedlings.


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