Molly – Furever Home One Year In

It’s been one year since Molly moved into our home. She’s grown by leaps and bounds and she hasn’t always been the easiest addition to the family to deal with. She has a thing for destroying plant pots and toilet plungers. Her enthusiasm can be boundless and a little overwhelming at times. She leaves a trail of dog hair, sand, mud, and shredded trees. But, she is loving and affectionate and has the biggest and best doggy smile EVER.

Welcome Home, Molly! 🫶


29 thoughts on “Molly – Furever Home One Year In

  1. You’ve captured her growth so well, Anne Marie, she’s a beautiful girl. I have to be honest, all of the destruction that dogs can do to a home is one of a few reasons I don’t have pets. I would love to meet Molly and give her a big hug!❤️

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  2. Happy year anniversary to you/family and Molly! Puppies are a lot of work no matter what their size. Lol 🤣 I’m so happy she’s doing good and she is a beautiful girl! 🥰

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  3. Thank you, Martha! Even when she comes bouncing up at 4:30 in the morning to go out (which isn’t my favourite time of day) I can’t say no to that big goofy grin. 😛


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