July 3rd – Warming Up 🌞

We are getting our share of the heatwave this week. It is a little warm to get motivated but I have a few July ‘Magical Moments’ to share today. I hope you enjoy.💞

The magic of modern technology yesterday when I headed out to the store. Brian Adams and air conditioning. I even tried the seat butt cooler. Jury is still out on that. 😂
My Coral Bells (Heuchera) are starting to bloom! The blossoms attract butterflies and produce seeds which I can use the to start new plants next year. Because the seeds from a plant can be any color, irrelevant to the parent plant, next year I will have a rainbow of Heuchera plants.
And our cucumbers are finally starting to take off 🤗
Best magical moment for the day – our granddaughter Gabby is celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday today. Sweet she is – especially when she is doting on her little brothers! 🎂

I hope you enjoyed our July Magical Moments of the day and here is wishing you all a bit of your own magic today! 💞