43 Weeks to Health and Fitness

It is forty-three weeks since I decided to get on my fitness journey.

I am rather disappointed that I got sidelined for a few weeks by a miserable flu bug and the ongoing issues that it caused, but I do have a few reasons to celebrate.

  • I do finally appear to be on the mend, although my voice is still hit and miss and I am still dealing with a couple of minor issues.
  • As mentioned previously, I managed to lose a few pounds. 😁
  • I made it through the past few weeks without having to resort to a visit to a health clinic or emergency room. That is definitely a bonus with how crowded they are these days with those suffering from a variety of viruses and bacterial infections. Not places I want to be for sure!
  • Other than the first few days, I managed to be up, dressed and groomed every day – and I managed to handle meals, dishes, laundry, and general housekeeping.
  • I finished reading David Goggins book “Can’t Hurt me” and I am ready to start his second book “Never Finished”.
  • And finally… Yesterday, I got back into my workout routine! 🙌🙌🙌. I am not where I was before I got sick, but I am in way better shape than I thought I would be! I can dance for about half an hour in the morning and lift lighter weights for fifteen minutes or so in the evenings. It is a (re)start.
  • It feels so great to get back on track! My year one to a fit and healthy lifestyle wraps up on February 13th and I am excited about regaining any progress I lost AND ending the year with a strong finish. I have accomplished so much, health and fitness wise, that I can’t even imagine what I can accomplish in year two.
Molly is getting super excited about heading out for our daily walks soon.
Watching her friends go by… 😔

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞