Angry & Frustrated

Genie Meltdown🤣

Genie was not really upset or angry – she was just slightly indignant that her mother stole the cherry out of her milkshake (she got over it).

There are, however, a number of people in Saskatchewan who are truly angry and frustrated since our federal election last fall.

While I understand that they feel their livelihood and lifestyle is at stake, I do not agree with their attitude. Anger and frustration may give people the motivation to step up and take effective action in some situations but I do not see that happening here.

I just see a lot of angry, frustrated people. I see people call friends, family and neighbours derogatory names for not using their vote to support their cause. I see people being rude in service stations, banks and stores, elbowing their way past others or deliberately smashing their cart into someone else’s to pass them. I see people cutting others off in traffic and in parking lots. I see people on social media posting or sharing false ‘news’ to make ‘others’ look bad. I see people trash talking ‘others’ for being different. I just see way too much rude and ignorant behaviour and I see way too many who justify this behaviour because they are angry and frustrated.

I do not see how this type of behaviour helps anyone. I do not see how this encourages others to support our cause. I certainly do not see how this type of behaviour encourages other industries to look to Saskatchewan as a place to expand their businesses, which would help our economy to move forward.

We live in a province with a lot of potential. Our ancestors always worked together through difficult times and made it work – across our province and across our country. Now we are facing a time of economic versus environmental challenges in Saskatchewan and across Canada. We need to calm down and work together to resolve these issues – maturely and responsibly.