January 11th – Oops!

I was so excited about sharing my amazing Saucy Butterscotch Pudding yesterday that I forgot to include the recipe. 🤦 It has now been added and the post updated here or you can just check it out below!

From ‘The New Purity Cookbook’

Our ventures out and about yesterday went well. Kat was a perfect little pup when she went for her blood tests – and she aced them! She is ready and cleared for surgery. We brought her home and went our to run the rest of our errands, rounded off by a nice lunch at The Barley Mill. The food was good and the portions generous.

Neither of us were up for much at suppertime, so I grilled a couple of porkchops, made a box of macaroni and cheese, and served with some fresh broccoli. We do not used boxed macaroni and cheese as a rule. In fact, I am not that into pasta other than the occasional plate of spaghetti with tomato/meat sauce or fettuccini/shrimp Alfredo. Dan loves pasta and does make homemade macaroni and cheese for work lunches. We bought a couple of boxes of this Cheetos Mac’N Cheese at a specialty food shop in a gitchy mall here. Dan got overpriced Mac’N Cheese and I got a jumbo Gummy Bear which I wrapped and gave to daughter-in-law Amanda for a wedding present. 🧸

Keeping it real. 🙂

It is a beautiful 2 above Celsius today. Dan has some shovelling to get caught up on, so I made a heartier than usual breakfast this morning.

Fried a little bacon and green onions in butter
Whipped up an omelet and wrapped it up in a warmed tortilla with some slightly melted cheese.
Wrapped and ready to go! (Mine had shredded marble cheese and salsa).

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!