August 5th – Professionally Speaking

I am off for a dental appointment today. I am not thrilled, but I do not suppose anyone loves such appointments any more than I do. 🥺

I am however infinitely grateful that I have a dentist that I can totally appreciate!

Dr. Bryan and the entire staff that work at 4th Ave. Dental Clinic are amazing. They are professional, competent, capable, considerate, and kind. I have never had a single issue with anyone at this clinic. 💞

To be honest, I am so grateful for all of the core medical professionals in my life right now. Like my dentist, my family doctor is dedicated, thorough, and kind. My optometrist is likewise. All three put their egos aside and actually listen to me – as I am sure they do with all of their clients.

Strangely enough, my former dentist, doctor, and optometrist were the complete opposites of my current ones.

My former dentist was competent enough but it took months to get an appointment (weeks if it was an emergency). Then he acted like he was doing me a favour by seeing me. I am not sure how well his practice would do if he had no clients, but he certainly never showed any appreciation for the ones he had.

It took as long, or longer, to get in to see my former optometrist and he was no more gracious than my former dentist. As an added bonus, he was a complete idiot.

And… My former doctor, who kept patients waiting for hours, who was rude and incompetent, has had his license revoked and has been charged by police for assaulting patients. I think he is still awaiting trial but I am not terribly surprised by the charges.

It is funny that when we go through lack or difficulty in a situation, that we are all the more grateful when we get more or better. It almost makes it worth having gone through the lack or difficulty in the first place. Almost! 😂

Take care, have a great day – and see you tomorrow. 💞

I will forever remain humble because I know I could have less.   I will forever remain grateful because I know I've had less.  - Anonymous