Year Two – Week Six

Spring has sprung (so they say), my broken arm is healed, and I am off to the races! Finally! This week I am going full on Goggins to get back to where I left off mid-January.

Since I received the good news on Thursday, I have been stepping up my workout plan. Nothing heroic yet, but steps in the right direction. Speaking of steps, I was out walking on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – over 24,000 steps (Nine Miles). That is about 24,000 more steps that I have taken outside since November when I came down with my brutal winter flu, which lasted until I ventured out and broke my arm. 24,000 steps is pretty impressive. 😏

I also, started the week out well nutritionally wise. I have our menu penciled in for the entire week – one nutritious meal after the other (at least supper wise).

  • Monday – Taco Salad
  • Tuesday – Stir Fry with rice
  • Wednesday – Chicken Alfredo, steamed broccoli, and Side Salad
  • Thursday – Chef Salad
  • Friday – Home made Pizza with Caesar Salad
  • Saturday – Barbecued pork ribs, baked potatoes, and Ramen/shredded cabbage salad

All home made! All include fresh vegetables! All delicious and nutritious! 🌞

Taco Salad…

This morning, I kicked off the day with a full two armed Zumba routine and a series of physiotherapy exercises to improve my range of motion for my left shoulder. This afternoon, I am heading outside with Molly for some sunshine and fresh (very fresh as in feels like -22C) air. And.. tonight I am getting strength training back in my schedule. That is my plan for this week – plus, with warmer temperatures expected Wednesday and my walking partner available Wednesday thru Sunday – there is a fair amount of Molly walking on the calendar for later in the week.

The rest of my days are filled with brushing Molly, cleaning house , laundry, dishes, and the like – all which is easier with two functional arms.

She was so little last summer!

That is my plan for this week. I am focused, locked in, healed, and ready to go!

Take care and have a great week! 🌞💞