Day 25 – Photographic Genes

It is the 25th day of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge.  My positive for today is photography because “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I have always run a little short on words.  šŸ¤­

I have said that I did not get anything genetic wise from my Mother.Ā  IĀ  did not get her looks, her temperament, her domestic talents, her singing ability, or her construction skills.Ā  (I once taped my cell phone to a crate at work trying to operate a tape gun. šŸ¤¦).Ā  Recently however,Ā  I have discovered an appreciation for my Mother’sĀ  love of photography.Ā Ā  In her later years, she even started taking pictures of her pictures. (When I take a picture of a picture for my blog, I can hear her saying “Who’s laughing now?”). Actually, most of the pictures that I take picture of were her pictures.

I will never be organized enough to have the dedicated photo albums that my Mother had, but I do have a few new photos to share today.   I hope a bit of my Mother’s photographic skill come through.

I don’t know if Dan and I have a running disagreement on where Tinkerbell should be this year, or if she is flitting around on her own, but I am pretty sure she keeps moving.
Kat before and after her grooming. šŸ’ž
Yea, I put on makeup and jewelry to take Kat to the groomers.  Not too wierd. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£
Where did that pansy come from?
Little visitor šŸ’ž
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart going through yet another round of blooming.  šŸ’
I’ll stick with real grass šŸ¤”

Twenty-five days down and only five to go!

Wishing all a good day and a nice weekend! I hope to see you tomorrow. šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹