Day 25 – Photographic Genes

It is the 25th day of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge.  My positive for today is photography because “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I have always run a little short on words.  🤭

I have said that I did not get anything genetic wise from my Mother.  I  did not get her looks, her temperament, her domestic talents, her singing ability, or her construction skills.  (I once taped my cell phone to a crate at work trying to operate a tape gun. 🤦).  Recently however,  I have discovered an appreciation for my Mother’s  love of photography.   In her later years, she even started taking pictures of her pictures. (When I take a picture of a picture for my blog, I can hear her saying “Who’s laughing now?”). Actually, most of the pictures that I take picture of were her pictures.

I will never be organized enough to have the dedicated photo albums that my Mother had, but I do have a few new photos to share today.   I hope a bit of my Mother’s photographic skill come through.

I don’t know if Dan and I have a running disagreement on where Tinkerbell should be this year, or if she is flitting around on her own, but I am pretty sure she keeps moving.
Kat before and after her grooming. 💞
Yea, I put on makeup and jewelry to take Kat to the groomers.  Not too wierd. 🤣🤣🤣
Where did that pansy come from?
Little visitor 💞
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart going through yet another round of blooming.  💝
I’ll stick with real grass 🤔

Twenty-five days down and only five to go!

Wishing all a good day and a nice weekend! I hope to see you tomorrow. 👋👋👋


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