My Very First Blog

Here I am, starting my journey to retirement.

Over the years I have thought of retirement as that final chapter in life – the end of responsibility, the end of driving to work on icy streets in the pitch dark in the midst of a Saskatchewan winter, the end of the day to day stress of answering to employers, customers and suppliers and the end of deadlines. Retirement also brought promises of beginnings – the beginning of endless cups of tea, reading, needlework, home cooking, deep corner cleaning and of course spending more time with my husband.

As I get closer to retirement, eleven months away now, I am seeing retirement in a different light. I am noticing the things at work that I will miss, but more than that, I am looking forward with anticipation to this next chapter of my life – the opportunities it will present, the challenges that will arise and hopefully the personal growth that will occur.

I have always believed that our lives here are an opportunity to evolve, personally and as humanity in general. The most exciting aspect of preparing for retirement is focusing on all the ways that I can make the most of my retirement to facilitate my mission to evolve, to grow, and to hopefully, in some small way, leave this world a little better than I found it.

Thank you for reading – I hope you will follow my journey to and through retirement and offer feedback of your own journey.


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