Shift Work


There are many careers that involve shiftwork. My husband Dan, works in the pipe mill of a steel plant that runs twenty-four seven. Currently they are working a five on four off/ four on five off mix of day and night twelve hour hour shifts. Shiftwork is never ideal but it has it’s benefits and it has definite challenges. Some of my thoughts, based on our experiences:

1) Shiftwork is brutal when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Your body is constantly trying to adjust to changes in routine. Eating, sleeping, lack of sunlight, too much sunlight – it is all hard on a body! In a steel plant, you have the additional challenges of air quality, noise, temperature control and dangerous work conditions.

2) Shiftwork can be a major strain on a relationship – especially if your partner works conflicting shifts or has a regular Monday to Friday 8 to 5 career. In our case, that has been a bit of a bonus. Our time together, day or night, is so random and rare, that twenty years in we still very much appreciate our time together and look forward to our retirement years together. There are, however, a lot of relationships that do not make it.

3) Shiftwork makes meal planning difficult to impossible. When I am working, Dan leaves for nightshifts before I get home from work. When I am home, we eat supper by 3:30 in the afternoon so we are not particularly hungry but are both snacking later in the evening. When Dan works days, I come home, make supper and wait hours before he comes home and is ready to eat. By the time we finish supper and clean up, our evening is over.

4) We have never had the challenge of raising a young family together but it has to be hard on both parents and the children. It is even harder raising children if the parents are not living together. A major change in shifts at Dan’s plant lately was a legal and logistical nightmare for many parents.

5) There are a few bonuses to shiftwork – Dan can handle vehicle repair and medical appointments and the like on his mid-week days off, there is almost always someone home with our dog, Dan can get peak golf times during the week when he is on days off, I come home to fresh cooked meals on Dan’s week days off (definitely a bonus as he is a great cook), and when he is off shift, he does have four or five days in a row to rest and recover. This will be especially nice once I retire and we can use such times to take short trips and get out of the city.

6) Workers who work shiftwork tend to have a special bond with their fellow workers (in a survivor mentality/shared pain type of way). They also tend to have an intense passion and dedication for the work that they do.

Overall, shiftwork can be challenging for a worker, their partner and their family. Like anything else, it takes work and it has it’s rewards!


9 thoughts on “Shift Work

  1. Conflicting working schedules can indeed ruin a marriage or at least make things really hard. I have had to give up better job opportunities and financial gain for the sake of the family and all the more so because I have a stepson. I have never tried shift work but I can imagine how hard it must be

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  2. I worked graveyard shift in a restaurant . Liked it. Work days went by fast whereas if I work days the clock just dragged. Also had sunday/monday off. Perfect-1 day to rest 1 day to run errands

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  3. Fortunately, I have been able to work with Dan’s schedule – we just live around it. I am anxious to be retired though. It will make things so much easier. A lot of us make sacrifices for our family. I hope the sacrifices you made were worth it to you and your family.


  4. I worked for a year of nights at a donut shop. I loved it and loved that I did not bring home all the mental stress of office work. By the end of the year, I was worn out. With three young kids and building a house with my ex I, it was a bit much. Glad it worked for you!


  5. I just decorated the donuts, cleaned and waited on customers. Usually business was slow at night but one night when I worked, there were fireworks in the city. I sold out all of the donuts that had been baked for the next morning😂😂😂. My boss was just choked that he had to start over. I loved that job💖


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