Own It

I have been working for over five decades now and have decided to share some thoughts on problem resolution in the workplace (or in life in general). There seems to be a need these daysπŸ™‚

The most successful and effective people I have known are the ones who recognize an issue, give it some serious consideration, and deal with it.

There are several ineffective ways to deal with an issue and I am pretty sure I have seen them all.

1. Blame someone else – This does nothing to address the issue and abdicates any power one has to deal with the issue. If you are absolutely responsible for causing an issue and you try to blame others, it will be obvious. 😐

2. Make excuses – Nobody cares and it does not resolve the issue. You may have to explain how the issue arose but that must be followed by a resolution or at least a commitment to find a resolution to the issue. πŸ‘

3. Ignore the issue and expect it to go away. If it is your issue to address, it will not go away. It certainly will not go away without causing further damage. If there is truly nothing you can do to address an issue, you can still choose an effective way to react to it. πŸ™‚

4. Allowing yourself to be the helpless victim. It is all there. Victims are helpless. Even if you were totally innocent and have been hurt deliberately in the worst possible way by someone, do not allow yourself to be victimized. Even if the only thing you can do is work on resolving your own pain and suffering, do that. If you wait for someone else to resolve a situation or repair the damage it has done to you, it will never happen.

Acting the helpless victim at work is particularly non-helpful. Employers, employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers and other business contacts are looking for you to be competent and effective. If you are looking to succeed in your position, that is the face you need to show. πŸ™‚

5. Lie, cheat or steal. Any negative response to an issue is not going to have a positive result – ever! πŸ™

6. Act oblivious and clueless. Seriously, is that how you want people to see you? If you want to be treated as a professional, act like one. πŸ€”

7. Scream, swear, throw things, kick things. None are mature. None are helpful. None are professional. 🀯

8. Avoid the issue. If there is work to be done, or an issue to be addressed just do it. This is not the time to take a week off.

One final thought. Accept that some situations are hopeless. If there are ongoing issues that you do not have the power or authority to deal with, work towards a viable exit plan. There are options but think them through and ensure you are not leaving one bad situation for another.

It’s What I Do …. for now

Retirement is coming. Some days it seems like it will never get here and other days it seems like the weeks are flying by. In 245 days I will be retired. In reality, I only have another 144 days left, after deducting for Christmas break, our trip to Costa Rica, weekends and stat holidays. Considering how far I have come, I am darn close to the finish line.

For anyone who is interested, I thought I would share a few pictures of a few of the products I have been selling for the past fifteen years.

Residential Sales – Railcraft Railing and Duradek vinyl decking – back in my residential sales days.
On to Commercial Sales – Insulated Shutters that we installed in a building the size of seven football fields.
Acrovyn Wall Protection. Miles and miles of handrail, crashrail, corner guards and sheet material.
Corflex Operable walls – We are the go to company for operable walls in Saskatchewan.
Cubicle Track and Privacy Curtains for Health Facilities
Corflex Accordion Doors – popular in schools and church halls
Corflex Acoustic Glasswalls are getting more and more popular as high-end companies and public facilities increase the use of flex space.
Security Grilles, used most often in malls, but sometimes used to beef up entrances to banks, pharmacies, jewellery stores and the like.
Sopers Washbay Curtains – just one of many areas that we did in a huge facility.
Hockey Nets to maximize ice space and safety for hockey practiceπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Toolboards specially designed by my boss for a massive, modern autobody shop in Regina. (Some professional engineering required!)

We carry several more products – foot grilles, aluminum shutters, rolling grilles, access hatches, and industrial ladders just to name a few.

A lot of our sales come from tendered projects but we do a fair amount of aftermarket, designbuild, and retail sales. In my mind, the thing to remember is “every sale matters“. I have sold 50 curtain carriers and had clients come back to buy thousands of dollars worth of curtains. Regardless of the contract or the sale, do it right. Every sale is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer. Really, it is that easy.