Building Memories

Acrovyn Crashrails & Corner Guards

This week I have been enjoying one of my first ‘lasts’ at work. The western sales rep for one of our biggest, and my favourite, supplier is in town. Construction Specialties manufactures many products (Acrovyn wall protection, entrance mats and foot grilles, hospital tracks and curtains, expansion joints, louvres, sunshades and more). I love their products, I love the quality of their products, and I love the people I deal with from this company – including and especially Peter.

Peter has been our rep for ages now and he is great to deal with. He is a great guy period. He knows the industry inside out and always has some interesting news for us. (This week it was paperless drywall – and the non porous reason behind it. It is a healthcare thing and way more interesting than it sounds). Peter knows his company and he definitely knows his products. If we have a problem or need support for anything, he is on it. He is respectful and decent. There is no question that he has our backs. We feel we can be totally honest and upfront with him and he is totally honest and upfront with us. It has been a great relationship for both sides from day one.

This week Peter is here for the annual Construction Specifications Canada tradeshow. He comes every year for it and spends the better part of a day with us. We (my boss Brian, Peter, and I) spend the morning catching up on news, go for a nice lunch, back to the office to discuss more business and then we meet for supper at one of Regina’s best steak houses. It is always fun. This year was special. This year will be my last for this get together. This year was also a bit of a celebration for one of my best years and definitely my best sale ever. It was an impressive sale by any standards and I was so happy to end my career on such a positive note. (For the record, I have never been one to spend my time chasing BIG sales. I take care of the little sales and our customers just trust me enough to bring the big sales to me.) 🙂

I will have a lot of ‘lasts’ and ‘goodbyes’ in the next few months. It is kind of sad, but I know that I am fortunate that I get to make these special memories before I retire.

It’s What I Do …. for now

Retirement is coming. Some days it seems like it will never get here and other days it seems like the weeks are flying by. In 245 days I will be retired. In reality, I only have another 144 days left, after deducting for Christmas break, our trip to Costa Rica, weekends and stat holidays. Considering how far I have come, I am darn close to the finish line.

For anyone who is interested, I thought I would share a few pictures of a few of the products I have been selling for the past fifteen years.

Residential Sales – Railcraft Railing and Duradek vinyl decking – back in my residential sales days.
On to Commercial Sales – Insulated Shutters that we installed in a building the size of seven football fields.
Acrovyn Wall Protection. Miles and miles of handrail, crashrail, corner guards and sheet material.
Corflex Operable walls – We are the go to company for operable walls in Saskatchewan.
Cubicle Track and Privacy Curtains for Health Facilities
Corflex Accordion Doors – popular in schools and church halls
Corflex Acoustic Glasswalls are getting more and more popular as high-end companies and public facilities increase the use of flex space.
Security Grilles, used most often in malls, but sometimes used to beef up entrances to banks, pharmacies, jewellery stores and the like.
Sopers Washbay Curtains – just one of many areas that we did in a huge facility.
Hockey Nets to maximize ice space and safety for hockey practice🇨🇦
Toolboards specially designed by my boss for a massive, modern autobody shop in Regina. (Some professional engineering required!)

We carry several more products – foot grilles, aluminum shutters, rolling grilles, access hatches, and industrial ladders just to name a few.

A lot of our sales come from tendered projects but we do a fair amount of aftermarket, designbuild, and retail sales. In my mind, the thing to remember is “every sale matters“. I have sold 50 curtain carriers and had clients come back to buy thousands of dollars worth of curtains. Regardless of the contract or the sale, do it right. Every sale is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer. Really, it is that easy.