Friday Flowers

It has been cold and rainy all week but we are turning a corner today. It is still overcast but at least I have a few more flowers to share. Next week, with sunshine and warm weather, our yard should be blooming beautiful. With luck it will be nice enough on Dan’s next days off to get the monster pool up for the summer.

The petunias are starting to come around.
The zucchinis are blooming – in the cucumber planter 🤦
My coral geranium is recovering nicely since I moved it to a better location in the yard.
Both of my Mother’s Day hanging planters continue to thrive. It must be the love that brought them🤗
The flowers in my front yard planter are starting to bloom
Probably my oldest perennial. I moved it this year to make room for Dan’s new Bleeding Heart. I am so glad it survived!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! 💐


11 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I have seen people grow beautiful geraniums but I always kill mine. I had this one on a South facing landing that hot a lot of West sun. It was circling the drain. I moved it to an East facing location in partial shade from a big tree. It is looking way better so will see how this goes. I have a hanging basket of dark red geraniums hanging in a semi shady area. It has been full of blossoms since mother’s Day.


  2. Our weather is generally warmest in August and September (something about delayed seasons because of the could air moving off of the Pacific Ocean and passing over us before it has a chance to warm up). This year, we have been getting so much wind one would think anything should pass by quickly. I have no idea what is up with the wind – apparently it is windy across North America – like 50 to 75 km virtually every day.

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